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The Overcoming Life 2
by Graham Cooke In The Overcoming Life 2 series we will learn how to break the oppression barrier and turn the tables on the enemy.
Price: $49.00
Radical Permission 2
by Graham Cooke Radical Permiission, a teaching series, which explores the joyful routines of Holy Spirit's empowering presence.
Price: $49.00
The Church Has Left the Building
by Graham Cooke The world has a story and a journey defined by the flesh and the devil. Jesus broke into that story from Heaven and made it His own.
Price: $39.00

Approaching the Heart of Prophecy (CD Set)
by Graham Cooke This material is taken from Graham Cooke's book also called Approaching the Heart of Prophecy.
Price: $35.00
Healings and Measures of Faith
by John Paul Jackson Teaching on the Biblical system and principles of healing faith, which will teach you how to build your faith to a level that allows the miraculous to take place in your life.
Price: $8.00
The Best of Beyond with John Paul
By John Paul Jackson Compiled in this special four CD set are some of the most thought provoking and frequently asked questions from 25 episodes of Beyond.
Price: $28.00

Little Bird
by Misty Edwards Little Bird has the ability to take flight towards the spiritually thirsty of varying backgrounds that converge at the crossroads of musical and lyrical authenticity.
Price: $13.99
Fling Wide
by Misty Edwards Fling Wide is one of Misty's most impactful albums recorded live, which captures the heart of a lovesick Bride of Christ, crying for her Bridegroom to return!
Price: $11.99
Captivate 2015: Majesty and Wonder
Speakers: Judith MacNutt, Graham Cooke (2015) Captivate is CHM's annual women's conference in Jacksonville, Florida, which is designed to gather women of all ages to seek God, experience personal hea...
Price: $30.00

Ignite 2015: Faithful and Just
Speakers: Judith MacNutt and R.T. Kendall (2015) Recorded live from CHM's Ignite 2015 conference, join Judith MacNutt and R.T. Kendall as they present topics that explore in-depth the subject of God'...
Price: $40.00
by Kari Jobe The album takes its title from the historic Dallas theater where it was recorded—but it refers equally well to the sense of glory its music embodies. The Album features, 'Forever.'
Price: $13.99
10,000 Reasons
by Matt Redman Matt Redman's new album, 10,000 Reasons features 11 all-new songs and was recorded live with 1,000 worship leaders earlier this year.
Price: $18.99

Secrets of a Warrior
by Allison Bown Based on an encounter with the Secret Place of God's affection, Allison shares a 3 CD set, which is filled with encouragement, humor, and hope.
Price: $24.00
Pastoring People Prophetically
by Graham Cooke This 3-disc CD set explains how to pastor people in a prophetic context that upgrades the leadership style and their personal intimacy with Holy Spirit.
Price: $18.00
Unpacking Your True Identity
by Allison Bown God wants to partner with us in the discovery of our Truest Identity.
Price: $24.00

Holy Spirit: Experiencing His Power and Presence 24/7
by Chip Ingram Who is the Holy Spirit? Is He more than "The Force?" For many believers, a relationship with the Holy Spirit rarely factors into our day-to-day lives.
Price: $23.95
Breakthrough: Unleashing God's Power Into Impossible Situations
by Chip Ingram In this new 5-part series from Chip Ingram, you’ll discover the steps to experiencing breakthrough and how to make breakthrough a normal part of your life.
Price: $27.95
Jesus Unfiltered, Vol. 1: Believe
by Chip Ingram Chip Ingram uses the Bible, specifically the book of John, to reveal who Jesus truly was and actually still is today.
Price: $27.95

The Invisible War (CD Set)
by Chip Ingram Beneath our tangible landscape lurks an invisible spiritual realm where unseen battles rage. It's real.
Price: $23.95
Rediscovering Ancient Path's to Intimacy with God
by Chip Ingram This series will help you examine your direct line of communication with God.
Price: $27.95
Five Lies That Ruin Relationships
by Chip Ingram Often, at the source of our relationship problems are our wrong beliefs.
Price: $27.95

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