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Jesus Unfiltered, Vol. 2: Follow
by Chip Ingram In this series, from John chapters 6-10, Chip Ingram explains that to follow someone or something means we willingly let someone else lead.
Price: $27.95
Jesus Unfiltered, Vol. 3: Love
by Chip Ingram In this third volume of the series Jesus Unfiltered, Chip Ingram explains, through John chapters 11-15, what love really looks like for those who call Jesus, Lord.
Price: $27.95
Lucifer Challenges God
by Derek Prince Eternity's perspective on the tragic betrayal of God's once perfect creation.
Price: $29.99

Weapons That Prevail
by Derek Prince Christians must take the initiative in the global conflict between opposing spiritual kingdoms.
Price: $24.99
Pride Versus Humility
by Derek Prince With candor and biblical force, Derek Prince confronts central issues concerning pride and humility.
Price: $14.99
You Are the Radiance
by Kelanie Gloeckler Kelanie's brand new album recorded live at the Jacksonville House of Prayer.
Price: $15.00

Let It Echo
By Jesus Culture Recorded live at Jesus Culture Church in Sacramento, Let It Echo captures the heart of a community seeking after Jesus with passion.
Price: $13.99
Safe in the Father's Heart (Audio CD)
by Sylvia Gunter Most of the chapters in Safe In The Father’s Heart end with a prayer or blessings. These are those prayers in an audio format.
Price: $10.00
Ignite 2016: Rise
Speakers: Judith MacNutt and Randy Clark (2016) Join Judith MacNutt and Randy Clark as they take a deeper look at how we as believers can release healing by walking in and exercising that authority.
Price: $40.00

Mountains High, Oceans Deep
from Nicole Norris, Mountains High, Oceans Deep is a journey through the heart of a songwriter whose deepest desire is to see people set free to worship God with abandon.
Price: $10.00
Wisdom and the Prophetic Journey

Price: $15.00
Psalms II

Price: $16.00

Piercing The Darkness (Audio Book)
By Frank Peretti: Leaders in the realm of darkness have mounted a new attack that will create chaos and cause defeat in the human beings who claim unity with their enemy, Christ...
Price: $19.99
Inside Your Heart
by Ruth Fazel Intimate songs of worship. Contains singing.
Price: $17.00
School of Healing Prayer® Level 4 CD Set (Recorded Live 2009)
by Christian Healing Ministries This live audio recording of Level 4 leads prayer ministers through an in-depth understanding of specific issues in the healing ministry.
Price: $80.00

Arthritis Healing Seminar
Speakers: Francis and Judith MacNutt, with testimony by Ann Bloch (1987) "If we can begin to understand the relationship between the mind, body and spirit, then we can become whole.
Price: $15.00
Advanced Healing and Deliverance
Speakers: Francis and Judith MacNutt, Fr. McAlear, Betty Brennan, Rev. Tom White (1988) Continued teaching on the subject of deliverance. in a 19-CD set.
Price: $60.00
The Ministry of Angels
Speaker: Judith MacNutt (1990) A delightful teaching of Judith's and others' personal experiences with angels. One of CHM's most popular and beloved CDs. Available as a single CD.
Price: $5.00

Dealing with Depression
Speakers: Francis and Judith MacNutt, Norma Dearing, Dr. Tom Wikstrom, Shloe Flangan (1994) A balanced look at depression.
Price: $50.00
Back and Orthopedic Healing Seminar
Speakers: Francis and Judith MacNutt (1988) Ninety-seven percent of all sickness is said to be psychogenic; stress-related, emotion-related illnesses that are killing our bodies.
Price: $10.00
Jesus Is. . .
Speaker: Francis MacNutt A wonderful teaching on the person of Jesus and His purpose for coming.
Price: $15.00

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