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SHP Level 1, Talk#1 - Scriptural Foundations for Healing
by Francis MacNutt We need to realize that healing is not just an option for Christians rather, it is essential.  We can see healing is important simply by observing Jesus' passion for healing...
Price: $2.99
SHP Level 1, Talk#2 - Baptism In The Holy Spirit
by Francis MacNutt The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is necessary for growth, change and empowering us to perform the works of Jesus-healing and casting out demons. Even Jesus received the Baptism in ...
Price: $2.99
SHP Level 1, Talk#3 - Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
by Judith MacNutt The gifts of the Holy Spirit are intended to build up the Body or Church of Christ by enabling us to serve others. These gifts, as opposed to the fruits of the Holy Spirit, are in...
Price: $2.99

SHP Level 1, Talk#4 - History Of Healing In The Church
by Francis MacNutt The events that will be discussed in this brief synopsis are intended to build an understanding of how the healing ministry was nearly lost. History tells us that healing did not...
Price: $2.99
SHP Level 1, Talk#5 - Becoming A Prayer Minister
by Judith MacNutt If you believe that God is asking you to be a prayer minister, you then ask yourself: What is his call on my life? If you believe that God is asking you to be a prayer minister, y...
Price: $2.99
SHP Level 1, Talk#6 - Healing Our Image Of God
by Francis MacNutt Many people have distorted images of God-misconceptions or beliefs about God's will or his nature that are often based on past experience and learning-that inhibit their capacity...
Price: $2.99

SHP Level 1, Talk#7 - Four Types Of Healing
by Francis MacNutt This cd addresses the four kinds of healing in the four areas where we most need God's help: our sick bodies, our wounded emotions, our broken spirits (mind and will0, and infest...
Price: $2.99
SHP Level 1, Talk#8 - Conducting The Initial Interview
by Judith MacNutt The following discussion will outline general guidelines to follow in conducting the initial interview with someone to whom you will be ministering. Digitally remastered for mp...
Price: $2.99
SHP Level 1, Talk#9 - Praying For Physical Healing
by Francis MacNutt The important thing for us to realize is that every one of us can pray for healing in simple ways. Jesus intended for all of us to carry on with his healing ministry, meaning tha...
Price: $2.99

SHP Level 1, Talk#10 - Developing Prayer Teams
by Judith MacNutt In the Gospels, we see that Jesus did not try to carry on his healing ministry alone. When he was overwhelmed, seeing how many people were harassed and dejected, he prayed to his ...
Price: $2.99
SHP Level 1, Talk#11 - Introduction To Inner Healing
by Judith MacNutt Of all the kinds of healing, inner healing touches us in our deepest suffering-that of the heart, the mind, and the inner core of our being. Inner healing is God's way of healing ...
Price: $2.99
SHP Level 1, Talk#12 - Introduction To Deliverance Prayer
by Francis MacNutt This is an introductory talk on deliverance that will cover the scriptural basis of our need to practice deliverance, how to pray for protection from evil spirits, as well as the...
Price: $2.99

SHP Level 1, Talk#13 - The Healing Power Of Forgiveness
by Judith MacNutt Forgiveness was at the heart of the Gospel and mentioned as often as love by Jesus Christ. This Cd will focus on the nature of the gift of forgiveness and its importance in the he...
Price: $2.99