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A Special Note about Francis & Judith MacNutt and the Catholic Church

Francis MacNutt was perhaps the first Catholic priest to become actively involved in the ministry of praying with the sick for their healing.

In 1975 he went to speak in Jerusalem where he met Judith Sewell, a missionary there. In 1980, after consultation and prayer, they decided to marry. Immediately, Francis sought a dispensation (laicization) from Rome. In 1993 it was granted, and their marriage vows were renewed and blessed by the local bishop at the Catholic Retreat Center in Jacksonville, Florida. They have lived in Jacksonville since 1987 and are Catholics in good standing.

In addition, there has been a deep reconciliation with the Catholic Church, and the MacNutts were invited to Rome for Church-sponsored colloquia, culminating in two international conferences in Jacksonville for Catholic charismatic leaders from all over the world.

In Florida, where Francis and Judith now direct Christian Healing Ministries, they enjoy an excellent relationship with the Catholic Church.

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