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Francis S. MacNutt, Ph.D.

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The late Dr. Francis MacNutt (April 22, 1925 – January 12, 2020) was an honors graduate of Harvard University, held a Masters degree in Fine Arts from Catholic University of America, and a Ph.D. in theology from the Aquinas Institute of Theology. In 1974, Francis wrote the ground-breaking book, Healing, which sold nearly a million copies. Francis founded Merton House in St. Louis and co-founded the Association of Christian Therapists in 1976. He married Judith Sewell in 1980 and together they founded Christian Healing Ministries the same year, the goal of which is to make Christian Healing Prayer a way of life in families, churches and medical professions. Francis also wrote The Power to Heal, The Prayer that Heals, Overcome by the Spirit, Deliverance from Evil Spirits, Can Homosexuality Be Healed?, The Healing Reawakening, and The Practice of Healing Prayer: A How-To Guide for Catholics. He, with Judith, co-authored the book Praying for Your Unborn Child.

Francis was a teacher, pioneer, and theologian instrumental in restoring the healing ministry to the Church, especially through the Charismatic Renewal movement. His legacy of love changed millions of lives around the world, and lives on in the Listen, Love and Prayer ministry of CHM.



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