Angel Encounter

by Judith MacNutt
2020 Vol. 02

We are surrounded by an invisible dimension, a spiritual one, which is the dwelling place of angels, demons, saints and God. Every now and then, God permits us a glimpse into that realm, allowing us to see, hear or be touched by angels.We are surrounded by an invisible dimension, a spiritual one, which is the dwelling place of angels, demons, saints and God. Every now and then, God permits us a glimpse into that realm, allowing us to see, hear or be touched by angels.

You might suddenly smell fragrant flowers in the middle of a cold, sterile environment, or hear a beautiful choir singing music not of this world. Perhaps you will feel a comforting hand on your shoulder and turn around but no one is there. Some might actually see a radiant, luminous angel who will reveal the depths of God’s love and care during a difficult season of life. These encounters challenge us to open our hearts to the glorious reality of angels.

As God enlarges your awareness of the spiritual realm you will come to realize that these Kingdom beings are always with you in your personal journey, your family and your community. You are never alone; God has made provision for you. Anytime you feel lost, afraid, confused or desperate, you are probably focusing on your situation, not on God. As you turn to God for help, He releases His mighty angels to intervene supernaturally and come to your assistance. (Encountering Angels, Chosen Books, 2016)

I never tire of hearing how God loves, cares for and rescues us, often sending His holy angels to walk with us. In the following true stories, Mona tells us of a sweet encounter she had at her front door, and Brenda at our CHM campus in Florida.

I am 85 years old.  I have a bad heart, rheumatoid arthritis, and lumbar scoliosis. Because of these conditions, I am nearly homebound. I have my medications and groceries delivered to me. This delivery service is a great blessing to me!

One day two people brought my groceries—Dave, my usual delivery person, and a young woman whom I had not seen before. The woman had short dreadlocks and lovely brown skin. Her eyes were a very light amber color and crystal clear. They were absolutely beautiful!  As she held my eyes with hers, I felt I could fall into them.  

While Dave held the door open for the delivery, I chatted briefly with the new person. For some reason I found myself telling her my story. I told her that when I was 40 years old, I had an incurable disease—not cancer, but even more serious. That condition was miraculously healed! But now I confessed that I was deeply discouraged, and I begged the Lord to let me come home to Him. I know we can’t tell God what to do, but that was my wish. The years were slipping by and it seemed to me He didn’t hear me.

As I told her I was now ready to die, even looking forward to it, she looked at me and said, “You are where you are meant to be.” I thanked her for those kind words, and as she left, she gave me a big hug. For the first time in awhile I felt amazing!

The next time Dave brought my groceries, I asked him where his helper was. He just looked at me and exclaimed, “We don’t have helpers!  It’s just me!”

I think I was visited by an angel that day – one that Dave could not see. I stopped asking Jesus to let me die. I believe I am where He wants me to be!There are folks that come to visit me in my home, and I now make sure I pray for healing with them. When I do, they tell me it helps them. Don’t you love the mystery of it all?  —Mona from Colorado


On the last day of the School of Healing Prayer, I sat by myself in one of the prayer rooms for a bit. I felt the presence of God so strongly that it pressed down on me, so I stayed with Him there. Shortly after I went outside where my husband and others were seated at a picnic table. Suddenly I smelled an overwhelming fragrance of roses—more specifically, tea roses. As an avid gardener, I know the scent of tea roses very well; when I lived in Southern California we had 62 rose bushes in our yard. The fragrance was so strong it was the equivalent of burying your nose in a bloom or holding a large bouquet of flowers. I asked those at the table if they smelled the incredible tea rose fragrance. They had not, but two friends exclaimed, “Angels!” Honesty, that thought had never occurred to me.

I scanned the surrounding properties to logically explain the fragrance. As you may guess, there were no gardens or fields of roses nearby!

Later that day, we had an extended worship time in which we “soaked” in the Lord’s presence. As the worship leader was singing, there burst out an incredible, awe-inducing sound from the back of the room. I likened the sound to a mighty, sustained wind combined with an equally powerful but different sound, like a large, deep river cascading over boulders—like a voice of many waters. I heard a chorus of strong, confident, powerful voices filling the room with praises. It seemed to me about 200 voices, all singing in perfect, joyful unison. The angels were singing the very words we were singing! I sensed we were in agreement as we proclaimed the greatness of the One seated on the throne!

I heard a chorus of mighty angels that day, and although I cannot explain the experience, I now understand worship in a deeper way. I believe we engage in heavenly worship when we sing of His greatness in full agreement and engagement. Singing the truth of God’s word is powerful; I think that is what love sounds like! —Brenda from Florida 

Judith MacNutt Judith MacNutt is a licensed psychotherapist, author, teacher, conference speaker, co–founder and president of CHM. 2020 Vol. 02