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Healing Line

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Fall/Winter 2017

Healing from Cancer

Twenty years ago I was treated for breast cancer. I thought I was cancer free until three years ago, when a CAT scan showed that my liver was peppered with innumerable small breast cancer tumors. Treatment was started (a small daily anti-estrogen pill).

I attended the first Journey to Healing at St. Christopher’s (South Carolina). During one of the prayer sessions, I had a vision of God using a brand new pencil with an eraser. I could see a map of my liver with many tiny cancer spots and God was erasing them. I rejoiced and shared this vision with others and have continued to thank God for the work that He was doing in me.

Since I had that vision, CAT scans have been done every six months and they have showed that the cancer is “stable” (the tumors have not gotten bigger nor more numerous). I thanked God but wondered when He was going to erase them completely.

On December 9, 2016, I received my answer for the “when.” My June 2016 CAT scan had shown that the cancer was stable; the December 2016 CAT scan showed that the cancer was gone completely from my liver! Praise God! He is so faithful!

— Ardy R

Leukemia: From Active to Dormant
a testimony from Audrey H. by Kathi Smith

In March of this year, Judith was speaking at a church in front of about 300 people. The priest announced that there was a woman in the audience who had been healed of leukemia years before when Francis had prayed for her. I was so excited to meet her; I got together with her to give her a hug and hear her story.

In 1991, Audrey was diagnosed with leukemia. Three years later she went to a service in St. Augustine where Bishop John J. Snyder and Francis MacNutt were presiding over a healing service. She remembers Francis holding her hands and asking her what she wanted Jesus to do for her that day. When recalling the story, I watched her eyes tear up and her lips curl into a beautiful smile.

“I told him that I was OK if the Lord wanted me to keep leukemia, but if He was OK to heal me, I would prefer that.” I smiled. “Then he just asked the Lord to heal me and he prayed in tongues for a bit,” she recalled. “I went back to the doctor for my bloodwork and although the leukemia was still there, it had gone dormant.“

That was in 1994—and today, in 2017, 23 years later, she still gets her bloodwork done every six months and the leukemia has stayed inactive. Praise the Lord!

Fall/Winter 2017 Issue