Renew and Review is a three-day online course that serves several purposes:

  1. If you are brand-new to CHM and desire to know what our ministry is all about, this is an excellent, hands-on way for you to discover what our ministry style is and what our training is like.

  2. If you have taken our Schools of Healing Prayer® in a format that did not include our live practicums, or it has been a while since you have attended any of our schools, you will want the experience of our live practicums before you delve deeper into training.

  3. If you just simply want to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • CHM's Generational Healing Service
  • A time of ministry to refill and/or receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • A review of CHM's model of ministry, Listen, Love and Pray
  • An opportunity for you, along with other participants, to receive ministry in a practicum setting with trained CHM prayer ministers

Check out our Event Calendar for the upcoming Renew and Review dates.