Praise Reports

Sep/Oct 2002

On April 1 1th, 2002

At the 2:00-4:00 pm Gathering Healing Prayer

On October 9, 1993 I was struck with a work injury that was very painful in my legs and back. I could hardly move the pain was so bad. It was not until December of 1995 that I was finally diagnosed. It was confirmed that I had R.S.D. (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). I had seen doctors from all over the place, even at the best hospitals we have in America.

I haven't been able to work since the early months of 1994. The months I did work right after the injury, I was only allowed to work 3-4 hours a day 4 days a week. In 1 999/2000 I tried to work as a secretary and could not even last more than 3 months at 4 hours or so a day.

I was getting so that my pain and headaches were so bad that my doctor said it was time to see about the morphine pump, again. (Back in '95 I was told that I would die on the table if they put the pump in.) That was enough to scare me. Not knowing what to do my Mom spoke to the ladies at St. Marks Episcopal prayer group and they told Mom about the Christian Healing Ministries and Francis. I called and made an appointment and was getting very excited as I was learning more about healing through studying the Bible. My Mom went through the Bible and typed up all the healing passages that she could find. Then we read them together and discussed them. That really helped me with my knowledge and knowing there really is healing.

It came the week to leave and Mom (who is my driver and caretaker) got sick with allergies. She was feeling much better two days later and so we headed for Jacksonville with one day to travel. Two l1ours into the trip we stopped for lunch and I was trying to ignore my headache. That didn't work, as soon as lunch came I said to Mom, "Get me to a doctor fast." The restaurant sent us to a clinic in this small town and unfortunately they did not stock the type of shot that I needed. Off to the hospital. Hours went by and no medicine had helped relieve the pain. The doctor wanted to admit me so we explained where we were going. He gave me another shot to knock me out and this one worked for a little while. He said to us, "May the Angels go with you." Hours later another Emergency Room. So far we had traveled only to the East side of Orlando, FL from Marco Island (100 miles over from Miami on the west side). Neither medication nor an IV had stopped the pain in my head. I had indents from our l1ands as we gripped and clamped my head trying to stop the pain. Finally, at 3 AM, I was discharged from the hospital and are off to find a hotel, still in pain that was unreal. The pain was so bad I felt like I was going to pass out. We finally found a hotel-praise the Lord!

Mom got us to bed and at 9:30 she woke up. In calling the front desk she found out that we still had 4 hours to go. Mom said it was my choice whether we kept going or turn around and go home. I told her to hire an airplane. I was still in bad pain and could not move my head or my eyes. It felt like if I moved I was going to explode. She calmly got me in the car and she drove on. I was in my nightie still. It was more important to get to Francis than worry about what I was wearing! So nightie, sunglasses, blanket, pillows and all-off we went. I had my eyes closed most of the way. With 40 minutes to spare Mom pulled into the Christian Healing Ministries' parking area. It was raining pretty hard so when it let up she got me into the meeting room. I could barely make it with her help. I went right up to the first row and sat. Still not able to move my head or eyes without excruciating pain. Not knowing what to expect-I was first. Francis, Mom and the Fallins prayed for me. I was told I was shaking. All I remember was feeling very light headed-felt like I was swaying from side to side. My knees just gave away and down I went. Not knowing what was happening I got up faster than most. My Mom looked at me. I had NO PAIN. Praise the Lord. Mom started crying for joy. She said my face was so peaceful looking. Everyone in the room broke out in clapping praise. we then went in a smaller side room for individual private soaking prayer with a delightful couple, Joanne and Tom. They asked me after the got me all cozy on the couch, how I was feeling. The ONLY pain I had was a very tiny like mosquito sting on the left side of my head by my eye. That went away also. Later, I realized we had not eaten in days, we missed s meals! I had an appetite, thank you Lord. Holiday Inn Express had a lovely restaurant, Mom was really hungry. Thank You Mom for all that you did. She is a great lady and loves our Lord very much.

Glory be to our Father in heaven. This is the most awesome experience in my life. What a miracle. I have been so blessed to receive this healing and so fast.

Today is April 22, 2002 and I have only had to have one shot since my healing. I believe I felt pain and panicked. That will teach me Who's in charge! Leave your worries to Jesus. He will take them, I know first hand.

A man in the room, waiting his turn to be prayed for, told me he cried like a baby when I was being healed-he most definitely felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room with us all. God works in a beautiful way. Listen to him. He has a reason. Trust him and your life will go much smoother. You need to listen to him.

In 1994, when I was first injured, Jesus came to me at church on a Sunday morning and told me he would take care of me. I cried uncontrollably and my Mom wondered if I was ok. After church, I told her what had happened to me. As time went on I got so involved with pain that it consumed me and I had forgotten all about that message. However, God does things on his time schedule not ours.

Through my disability, I came to know Jesus and am very grateful for that. I also got to become very close to Mom. I was not the nicest teenager and really gave her the worst time out of 6 children.

Thank You Lord for my life. I look forward to knowing how you will use me in the days to come.

Sharon in Florida

P.S. I finished writing this on May 1, 2002 and still no shots and no headaches!

I also have no withdrawal from the medications.

NOTE: When his schedule permits, Francis tries to be available once a month to pray for people at Christian Healing Ministries.

Sep/Oct 2002 Issue