Healing Line

Healing Line

Can a Sick Person Pray for Another Sick Person?

by Francis MacNutt
Jan/Feb 2006

One of the questions often asked of us is, “Can someone who is weak or crippled pray for others to be healed?” Our response always has been that a person in a wheelchair certainly can pray for healing. We have known of some wonderful prayer ministers who have suffered from various infirmities. Perhaps they are better able to empathize with God’s suffering people, just as Jesus’ suffering enabled him to be a high priest who entered fully into our human condition.

Last week I read about a saintly Catholic who lived in medieval times (1228–1300). Blessed Bartolo Buonpedoni served as a lay infirmarian in a Benedictine monastery in Pisa, Italy. He thought of becoming a monk himself, then one night he experienced a vision of Christ covered with wounds. Jesus told him he didn’t expect Bartolo to become a monk, that he would “win the crown that is prepared for you in the suffering which will wound your body for twenty years.” The full meaning of this personal prophecy was revealed later when, at the age of 52, he was stricken with a form of leprosy. He then entered a hospital for lepers, where he became chaplain.

Remarkably, God used the touch of Bartolo's leprous hands to work miracles of healing!1

1 Taken from p. 192 (Wed., Dec. 14, 2005) of Magnificat, Vol. 7, No. 10.

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. Jan/Feb 2007 Issue

The Lone Prophet

Compiled by Francis MacNutt
Jan/Feb 2006

Today is a time when the charism of prophecy is again coming into its own in the Pentecostal renewal; yet, there have been difficulties with some prophecies made by the more outstanding prophets of our day. One such difficulty you probably have heard about occurs when several prophets from the United States traveled to England where they spoke to large crowds, predicting there would be a great revival in England in the early 1990s. It just didn't seem to happen. There followed various explanations, none of which were very convincing.

A difficulty in the very nature of prophecy is that it can be checked out only in the future, not now. Will it happen or not? Jeremiah stood alone in saying Israel was not going to be triumphant. All the other prophets claimed he was a danger to Israel and should be locked up — or killed.

One of the great spiritual directors in Christian history was St. John of the Cross (+1591). His words may be helpful concerning apparent prophecies that do not seem to come true. Commenting on John the Baptist's sending disciples to ask Jesus, "Are you the one?" (Lk. 7:18),John of the Cross writes:


This is the trait of a humble person: he does not dare deal with God independently, nor can he be completely satisfied without human counsel and direction. God is desirous of this, for to declare and strengthen truth... he draws near those who come together in an endeavor to know it...

Thus God announces that he does not want the soul to believe only by itself the communications it clunks are of divine origin, nor that anyone be assured or confirmed in them without the Church or her ministers. For God will not bring clarification and confirmation of the truth to the heart of one who is alone. Such a person would remain weak and cold in regard to truth...

Ecclesiastes counsels (Eccl 4:10–12): Woe to the one who is alone, for when he falls he has no one to lift him up.' ... Until consulting another, a man will usually experience only tepidity and weakness in the truth, no matter how much he may have heard from God.2


Sometimes we are so in awe of a gifted Christian, such as a prophet who proves correct in so many personal prophecies, that we are afraid to question what is offered as a word from God.

2As quoted from Magnificat, Vol. 7, No. I 0, pp. 187–8.

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. Jan/Feb 2007 Issue

My Beloved Child

by Elizabeth Allen
Jan/Feb 2006

Words from the Lord given to Elizabeth Allen, Ph.D.  At the time of receiving the words, she was a student attending the June, 2005, School of Healing Prayer®. She said these words are for all of us being healed by God:

My beloved child, I have healed you. I have brought you into wholeness. This week, I have performed spiritual surgery on you. I love you.

Like a patient who has just had major surgery, you need time to recover — time to rest. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by Me. I have placed within you awesome healing processes. They need time to work. Healing is a process.

Trust Me.

Trust Me even more than you would trust an esteemed surgeon. You are like a surgical patient who can see the scar on her skin (from Incision) and feel the pain of the surgery. You have some idea of what I have done in you during surgery, but each surgery and each patient are different. I have done things in you that you will never know. I have done things that you can never fully understand — wonderful things! Like a child, you can marvel and trust and thank Me, without needing to fully understand the intricacies and the mystery of the skillful, unique surgery that I have done on you.

Like a patient who gradually wakes up from general anesthesia in the recovery room, you may be sore. You may be hurting and in pain. Do not fret. Just rest and relax. Surgery hurts, but it is worth the pain. I have placed My angels around you like recovery room nurses — effective, efficient, knowledgeable, yet also loving and comforting and nurturing. They are there with you when you hurt (as am I). They will remind you to do the things a patient needs to do to recover well — the spiritual equivalents of coughing, deep breathing, walking (slowly at first) and resting. My angels and My Spirit will protect you as you recover. Like the nurses on the surgical ward who nurture you with warm smiles and loving hands, My angels will be with you — rubbing your back when you can't sleep, holding your hand when you are afraid, listening to your concerns and reassuring you and/or interceding to the doctor for you.

I have given you friends to help in the recovery process, too. Let them know that you have had surgery. They will love you back to strength and wholeness, with hugs and prayers and casseroles and flowers. Ask them to hold you up in their prayers over the next several weeks, like they would if you had had surgery.

This is a vulnerable time for you — a time of mending, renewing, restoring, and strengthening. Heed My discharge instructions well: No heavy lifting. Plenty of rest. The right kind of food, plenty of Liquids, and the medication I prescribed for you. There are good reasons for those instructions. You disobey them at your own peril. Do not charge back into life at your usual, hurried pace. Take it slowly.

I am with you and I will take care of you. Do your exercises. I gave done the surgery. The physical therapy is next. A knee replacement without postoperative physical therapy is of very little value. Likewise, spiritual surgery requires follow–up prayer. Do it. And have others help you. The result will be worth it — beyond your imagining!

I love you. I have healed you. Walk into your healing.

With much love,
Your gentle and skillful Surgeon

Jan/Feb 2007 Issue

Praise the Lord and Give Thanks

Compiled by Anne Early
Jan/Feb 2006

From our mail and email:

“Thanks to Francis MacNutt’s books: Deliverance from Evil Spirits; Healing; and Homosexuality: Can It Be Healed? These books have brought so much peace, comfort and joy to me.”

“Your trip to Scotland and your January–February article in The Healing Line

(“A Near–Death Experience”) opened my understanding concerning the Presbyterian system. I knew many Baptists said the gifts ended with the apostles, but I didn’t know that Calvin’s stance was the same. Thank you for your balanced writing and teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You do shine a bright beacon of light upon the ‘Near–Death’ Experience.”

“I have appreciated the teaching I heard in January at Columbus Vineyard. I am learning a new way to pray for healing. Thanks!”

“Judith MacNutt prayed with me at The Church on The Way (Van Nuys, CA), and I experienced some emotional healing with a breakthrough. I pray that the process that was begun will continue until the work is done.”

“To be joined together with so many believers, all praying together as one for healing at the Vail conference, was to know that the Kingdom of God really is at hand. Praise God.”

From a pastor who attended CHM’s School of Healing Prayer® (SHP): “The model for the School of Healing Prayer is experiencing meaningful success at our church. Rather than coming home all excited but having no one with whom to share the same dream, I decided to ‘take others with me’ by ordering the video set for SHP Level l and offering it to interested persons at our church. Thirty–four people are taking part in our monthly 2–1/2 hour class. The design encourages personal growth and allows time for transformation, not just the impartation of head knowledge alone. And it is working! Our class is over before we know it and most are hesitant to leave afterwards. At the close of one of our more recent meetings, the majority were still engaged in serious praying at 10:30 p.m., an hour later than our 9:30 time to close. Something is happening!

“I have purchased the remaining two sets of videos for Levels II and III, and have planned a 3–year program of study. I have shared the information with the group and excitement has grown. The class is growing, and we now have attracted our first participant beyond our local church.”

“Our church now has a thriving healing ministry, thanks to prayer and your training.”

From Nancy, who received prayer in CHM’s 3–day Intensive Prayer Ministry: “I received much revelation while praying at CHM. The worship times brought the Spirit of the Lord into our midst and ushered us into prayer times. The prayer team waited on the Lord for insight, and each session brought liberation from sins and long years of wounding. The greatest breakthrough, however, came in the life of a close family member who had lived in bondage for a long time.”

“Thank you so much. An amazing thing happened today. I went to the doctor for my recheck, because my blood platelets had dropped to 38,000. (Normal range is 150,000–450,000.) When I found out, Friday, that they were low and I needed to go back in, I asked for prayer from all of you at CHM. God worked a miracle: my platelets today (Tuesday) are 270,000! This is the highest they ever have been — and, needless to say, they are well into the normal range. My doctor was in shock and had to do extra tests to be sure there was no mistake. There was no mistake! His assistant kept saying, as I expounded about it, ‘God is good! God is good!’ Thanks so much for your intercession, and thanks be to God.”

From our Emerging Leaders in Healing Conferences:

Jane and Lauren, her daughter, are both praising God for answered prayer for the females in their family line:

"The women in our family were afflicted by a generational problem of biting our lips and the insides of our mouths. . . . We had been praying about this for a long time. . . . During the Emerging Leaders in Healing, it was revealed by God that someone in our generations was traumatized by incest (it was a deep dark secret). During this week, the stronghold of that was broken and now, praise God, we are free."

From Diane: "My story is long but I am going to make it short. I was first introducted to Francis and Judith at the conference for Emerging Leaders in Healing and was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I have a daughter that has been on drugs for the past 6 years...oxycotins and crack cocaine. Last year, I took her to the October conference in Vail where she was baptized with the Holy Spirit; but she still was not healed of her drug addiction. Three weeks ago, I was in Ashland, Ohio and prayed with Francis for my daughter’s healing. Last week she was healed of her drug addiction. She explained the oxycotin as the devil. She has been healed, and I am so thankful for your prayers and the healing of my daughter. Praise God and thank you."

"As I reflected on my experience at the Emerging Leaders Conference, there was so much that would take too many words to try to express, but I think I have found a way to sum it all up. It was five wonderful days of being immersed in the power of God's love in order to emerge as a leader ready to take that love to wherever God sends me."

“My husband and I attended the first Emerging Leaders in Healing Conference, in October of 2003. Our two sons, David and Paul, attended the Emerging Leaders in Healing Conference in February of 2004. David’s life has turned 180 degrees; he is very much involved in a living relationship with Jesus Christ and has a church home with a nondenominational, evangelical, charismatic body of believers. My husband and I feel that the Conference was the turning point in David’s life. The Holy Spirit was working in his heart.”

From a letter addressed to Francis and Judith: “I want to offer a word of personal thanks for all you had to offer during our recent time of Emerging Leaders in Healing. Some of what was offered during our time together was so foreign to my own experience of ‘church.’ I wish I had received some of this knowledge and experience much earlier in life, but am very grateful to have received it at this point. For the first time in my life I have a clear understanding of what being ‘born again’ and being ‘anointed’ mean. Never has anyone led me to such a real and transformative time in my life with Jesus.

“I am much the introvert, so when we gathered on Thursday evening in community, with anointed music and the Holy Spirit, it took me some time to build up the courage to step forward. I said to you, ‘There is much unforgiveness in my heart. I want it out of my life. I want these hands to be healing hands and my life to be a healing life.’ It was no accident that the song being sung was one that had been running through my head all week. As I stepped forward and we touched hands, the spirit of Joy burst out in another part of the room. The Lord knew just what I needed. I was anointed with the spirit of Joy. The Holy Spirit fell on me in the Joy of that night and the glory of the Lord shone about me. I could sense it on so many levels. The unforgiveness is gone and I have new zeal for life. I pray that this attitude will keep me the rest of my days. I offer my sincere and warmest words of gratitude for all that you and CHM are to me and continue to do in this world.”

I tell you the truth, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. . . .
Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete
(John 16:23b–24b).

(The Praise Reports have been edited for readability.)

Jan/Feb 2007 Issue