Healing Line

Healing Line

My Beloved Child

by Elizabeth Allen
Jan/Feb 2006

Words from the Lord given to Elizabeth Allen, Ph.D.  At the time of receiving the words, she was a student attending the June, 2005, School of Healing Prayer®. She said these words are for all of us being healed by God:

My beloved child, I have healed you. I have brought you into wholeness. This week, I have performed spiritual surgery on you. I love you.

Like a patient who has just had major surgery, you need time to recover — time to rest. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by Me. I have placed within you awesome healing processes. They need time to work. Healing is a process.

Trust Me.

Trust Me even more than you would trust an esteemed surgeon. You are like a surgical patient who can see the scar on her skin (from Incision) and feel the pain of the surgery. You have some idea of what I have done in you during surgery, but each surgery and each patient are different. I have done things in you that you will never know. I have done things that you can never fully understand — wonderful things! Like a child, you can marvel and trust and thank Me, without needing to fully understand the intricacies and the mystery of the skillful, unique surgery that I have done on you.

Like a patient who gradually wakes up from general anesthesia in the recovery room, you may be sore. You may be hurting and in pain. Do not fret. Just rest and relax. Surgery hurts, but it is worth the pain. I have placed My angels around you like recovery room nurses — effective, efficient, knowledgeable, yet also loving and comforting and nurturing. They are there with you when you hurt (as am I). They will remind you to do the things a patient needs to do to recover well — the spiritual equivalents of coughing, deep breathing, walking (slowly at first) and resting. My angels and My Spirit will protect you as you recover. Like the nurses on the surgical ward who nurture you with warm smiles and loving hands, My angels will be with you — rubbing your back when you can't sleep, holding your hand when you are afraid, listening to your concerns and reassuring you and/or interceding to the doctor for you.

I have given you friends to help in the recovery process, too. Let them know that you have had surgery. They will love you back to strength and wholeness, with hugs and prayers and casseroles and flowers. Ask them to hold you up in their prayers over the next several weeks, like they would if you had had surgery.

This is a vulnerable time for you — a time of mending, renewing, restoring, and strengthening. Heed My discharge instructions well: No heavy lifting. Plenty of rest. The right kind of food, plenty of Liquids, and the medication I prescribed for you. There are good reasons for those instructions. You disobey them at your own peril. Do not charge back into life at your usual, hurried pace. Take it slowly.

I am with you and I will take care of you. Do your exercises. I gave done the surgery. The physical therapy is next. A knee replacement without postoperative physical therapy is of very little value. Likewise, spiritual surgery requires follow–up prayer. Do it. And have others help you. The result will be worth it — beyond your imagining!

I love you. I have healed you. Walk into your healing.

With much love,
Your gentle and skillful Surgeon

Jan/Feb 2007 Issue