Healing Line

Healing Line

More Praise for Healing: Testimony of Healing Received by CHM Intercessors

by Anne Early
Jan/Feb 2007

Last July a CHM intercessor, Mac, sent an urgent prayer request — “a very special one” — on behalf of his beloved wife Dianne. Dianne was having emergency exploratory surgery expecting removal of a damaged appendix, but ended up having surgery to remove a malignant mass from her abdomen. Following the surgery, Mac told us Dianne had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, apparently a return of her breast cancer of 10 years ago. The doctors removed her right side colon with two tumors, but because of the emergency nature of the surgery, they had to leave two masses on her pelvis. A later scan of her body revealed multiple tumors, all malignant in her abdominal cavity.

Dianne recovered well from the surgery, but she and Mac were praying against a frightening situation: one golf ball size tumor on her right lung as well as the multiple tumors in the abdominal cavity and the remaining masses on her pelvis, plus medical uncertainty with regard to the origination point of the cancer. The doctors were not optimistic, telling them this one was in God’s hands. Mac and Dianne asked for more prayer for healing and medical discernment as Dianne underwent chemotherapy, and CHM intercessors continued praying.

The week before Thanksgiving, Mac called, so excited he could hardly get the words out: “Dianne’s tumors are all gone — all the tumors — multiple tumors! — have just disappeared!” Dianne then joined in the conversation, praising God with Mac and expressing much appreciation for all the prayer support. She still has a small spot on her intestinal area that may or may not be malignant, so more testing is to be done there and continuing prayer is requested.

Since Mac’s attending School of Healing Prayer I, II and III at CHM, and attending Emerging Leaders in Healing Conferences with Dianne, both have been very actively involved in healing prayer ministry in San Diego, California.

Jan/Feb 2007 Issue