Healing Line

Healing Line

A Teaching and Testimony All Combined

by Francis MacNutt
June 1988

Following is a fascinating testimony of Beth Spiro who was healed at one of our seminars. Her words contain some important teachings that I would like to highlight. Notice for instance, that she received four healings ( or stages of healing) in one day's time! One, during a general prayer for the cessation of pain; second, during a prayer sung in the tongues; third, when we prayed individually as people came forward; fourth, when a small group prayed with her. So much for the teaching that you can only pray once.

Then, too, notice that she didn't have absolute faith, but she wrestled with plenty of doubt (indeed for two weeks). Jesus will work with whatever we can manage to give him.


I am being healed! I attended your cancer seminar in December, even though I did not have cancer. I was diagnosed in 2/87 by the Mayo Clinic as having an auto,immune system disease, sarcoidosis. The cause is unknown, there is no known medical cure, and the treatment with steroids is sometimes effective in putting the disease into remission for a period of time. The disease symptoms included: nodules on both legs (red and warm and ugly), swollen feet, ankles and legs, (at times more than twice their normal size), shortness of breath, coughing, enlarged lymph nodes (especially in the chest/lungs), extreme exhaustion, joint swelling and pain, and other symptoms. The prednisone therapy helped get these symptoms under control and the sarcoisdosis went into remission for about one month. Then, in November, the symptoms began returning. At one point my right arm became almost useless for a few hours. I began dropping things, had difficulty typing and writing, walking again became very painful and difficult due to joint pain and swelling. The cough returned as did the difficulty breathing and the fatigue. I returned to the Mayo Clinic for tests. The blood–work supported the symptoms. The sarcoidosis was again active and was progressing, now effecting the nerves and muscles. I refused to go back on the prednisone at that time. Christmas was very important and I did not want to deal with all the medicine.

Saturday morning of the seminar I was in more pain than usual and had difficulty walking. I questioned my ability to stay through the day, but was determined to be there and to be available for whatever the Lord wanted for me. You prayed for those in pain to receive relief, for the pain to diminish. The pain in my body left! I was free of all pain for the rest of the day. I am still free of the joint/body pain of the sarcoidosis!

When Anne Bloch was introduced to sing in the spirit, I wanted to RUN for the nearest exit! I had never heard of singing in the spirit and did not want to participate at all. Well... never have I heard such GLORIOUS sounds! I still get enormous peace when I think of this time. I can not remember it, but I feel such peace. During the song I had three episodes of deep weeping, for what I do not know. Deep weeping followed by peace.

Then, you prayed individually for us and laid on hands. I avoided the front of the line, kept moving behind one person after another. When I finally went to you, you put your hand on my shoulder and prayed, oh, so softly. I immediately fell to the floor. This was difficult for me, not understanding what was happening to me, and I fought for control, (something I have done most of my life). What a feeling! I felt electricity flow through my body to my fingers and toes. I am even now over, whelmed by the awesome power of the Lord! What power! I shook and cried. When I was able to go back to the pew to await a prayer team, I turned bright and red and felt extremely hot, head to toe. I now understand this sometimes happens when healing is taking place. I then had a surprising, releasing, wonderful, cleansing session with two loving gentlemen in a prayer counseling session. With great love and patience, they led me through inner healing of wounds I thought were long ago healed. My, how mistaken I was. This was a time of great healing. I am so very thankful!

Since that day in December, I did not truly accept my healing. I watched. I waited. I expected the marvelous feeling of new,found health and increasing energy to disappear, to wear off.

While in Orlando, I awoke to the fact of my new health. I accepted my healed body.

I visited Epcot and walked all day. I even climbed 5 flights of stairs. My hands and feet are improved. I can write and type. I rarely cough, occasionally, but rarely. No breathing problems. No nodules. Swelling is reduced. Pain is GONE! Energy level is getting higher and higher. No night fevers or sweats! I am sleeping well. I am being healed!

I am beginning to feel as though I will explode if I don't tell people about what awesome power, what love, what forgiveness I am experiencing from our Lord. I am walking closer and closer to Christ, available to Him. It is truly overwhelming!

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. June 1988 Issue