Healing Line

Healing Line

England July 1990

by Various Authors
September 1990

Francis & Judith, Don & Anne, Peter & Norma and Wallace & Shirley have returned from England. Don, Anne, Shirley and Norma have written reports on this successful mission trip. Don, Anne and Shirley's reports are below. Norma's reports will appear next month.

Reflections on our trip to England
by Don Bloch

It was joyous to see so many people we prayed with two years ago in England who had been set free by the power in the name of Jesus!

Our friend, Martin was among these friends; he received deliverance and inner healing prayer two years ago. Martin took a long train ride from Scotland to Leeds just to visit with us one evening. It's so exciting and rewarding to see people like Martin set free through deliverance prayers.

Incidentally, Martin could not get a train back to Scotland that night, but someone — a total stranger to him — took him into their home that night and even took him to the train depot the next morning True Christian love!

If I would point to one item that stands out about our journey it would be the new teachings that the people in ministry heard: many of them had been struggling with mostly deliverances in their ministry. They had not heard the importance of inner healing in conjunction with deliverance. The teachings of Francis and Judith emphasized this need for a balance of the two for complete freedom in Jesus.

The beautiful thing about this came from the practical side of these teachings. Almost all of the people Anne and I prayed deliverance with did indeed receive inner healing as well.

As we teach at healing conferences that we do, there is a need to "patch up the hole" where the demonic entered into the person so that they do not reenter at a later time. This is what inner healing will do!

God was so faithful and delivered his people from bondages through this combination of deliverance and inner healing. As mentioned, this was such an awakening for those in God's healing ministry.

There is such a hunger now to use these skills with "hands— on " ministry. Unlike our first trip there two years, this was such an encouragement for those to "do the stuff."

Reflections on England Mission
by Anne Bloch

How awesome to see what God is doing in the lives of our European family. What an eagerness they have to learn, be set free, become closer to our Lord and carry His healing love to others. They are indeed taking seriously the carrying out of "The Great Commission."

Their genuine love, most gracious hospitality, sincere gratitude for our team being thee was so evident and such a treasure to us... THEY are such a treasure. Oh how they love & oh how we thank God for them. We cherish our memories, experiences, ministering & continuing relationship with them.

by Shirley Maddux

What a joy and a blessing to be in England during July. The beauty of the people and the land is something to behold.

All of us from Christian Healing Ministries stayed in private homes and, without exception, each host and hostess gave so freely to us. They shared their homes (many times giving up their own beds), their food, their time and certainly their love.

We continue to be uplifted at the memories of beautiful cathedrals filled with joyous, hand–clapping praise music. Lines of people waiting for prayer. Prayers being answered. Lives changed. Our lives changed.

Your prayers, dear people, covered us from the first day we were in England to the last. Our first stop in Guildford was at Millmead Center. We held teaching and healing services there on July 4th, 7th and 9th on spiritual warfare, inner healing and physical healing. Between 500 and 600 people attended each of these sessions, and the evening sessions were full of people asking for prayer. It is so wonderful to see people set free from bondages of the heart, mind and body.

I remember particularly Mary who had a crippling disease in her legs, knees and feet. She was prayed for and received a wonderful healing, enabling her to wear closed shoes which she had not been able to wear in a long time. We saw her at lunch on the day before we left England — almost a month later — and she was still rejoicing. Or Moia who had an advanced stage of cancer. The local prayer group had been praying with Moia for over a year. And, while the cancer was still present, so much had started happening in Moia's personal life. In talking with the local intercessors who came with her to the meetings, we found that every woman in Moia's family, including those who married into the family, had died an early death of cancer. The men in the family were not affected. After prayer for generational curses and the breaking of seals, we saw a change in the swelling in Moia's cancerous arm and the beginning — we pray — of a healing both in Moia's body as well as in the family. Yeadon Town Hall was our next setting with wonderful praise and worship and the leading of the Holy Spirit in all of the teachings. We did not have a healing celebration there but God provided so beautifully with practical teachings by Francis and Judith — God's manna to feed on for a long time.

Bradford and Wakefield Cathedrals are such beautiful settings for worship and praise. It was in Bradford Cathedral with over 1,000 people that all of us were having to pull ourselves off the ceiling. The Holy Spirit was so powerful there. The praise music resounded through the stones which has held so many other worshipers down through the centuries. Wallace and I noticed, as well as the rest of the CHM staff, that when Francis got up to talk, it was not with his usual graceful style. He shot out of his seat, placed his notes aside and spoke extemporaneously and powerfully from his heart. Everyone there sat galvanized. The prayer time afterwards was particularly anointed. Peter Dearing later shared with us that during the praise time and just before Francis spoke, he saw Jesus slowly turning as if entering into the joyful dance and praise and, as He turned, wonderful healing rays of light were flowing off His long robe. What a magnificent night.

At York, we had a beautiful time seeing York Minister and enjoying a special tour by Peter Gibson, a world–renowned stained glass artist. He gave some of us a tour of his workshop and then gave us a test on the age of some of the stained glass — a test he had given the Queen a few weeks before. She failed too!

During our evening service at York, the first person who came up for prayer was an Anglican priest. Francis was going to use this as an example of a "simple" prayer for physical healing. The priest apologized as he came forward that he had only an earache — nothing big. As we prayed, much was manifested. Francis is writing a special reporting on this incident which should appear in this newsletter.

Letters are now starting to come in from various persons we prayed with in England, telling us of healings, differences in their relationships and requests for continuing prayer. We will share some of those reports from time to time, particularly since you shared in the ministry with us by your prayers. God Bless!

September 1990 Issue