Healing Line

Healing Line

From Francis

by Francis MacNutt
November 1990

Dear Friends,

This past July we had the wonderful opportunity to meet several of the so–called "Kansas City Prophets" that many of you have heard or read about (e.g. in Charisma). We were at a conference in London directed by John Wember, who introduced us to Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson who spent half an hour prophesying in our regard. Naturally, as with anything new, there is controversy and need for testing, but we want to share with you the heart of what they said. We were personally impressed with their accuracy with those things we could check on, since they did not know us personally, nor did they know we would be attending that meeting.

Excerpts, from prophecies given by Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson for Francis and Judith MacNutt on July 12, 1990 at Holy Trinity Brompton Anglican Church, London, England. (John Wimber was also present.)

Bob Jones (for Francis): You've been stuck with thorns. Thorns always have poison in them and, if that poison stays in you, you get bitter. He has set you down to get the poison out. The water pipe of the Spirit has been kinked. It has been unkinked now and the main flow is on — like a birth, a new beginning.

The Lord will begin to lay it on people's hearts to intercede for you so that souls can come forth for the kingdom.1 This has been prepared for you so that a river of compassion can come forth; He will anoint the teaching and the love and the pastoral gift in you for power evangelism. That's the main thing now. In times past you were used as an evangelist but now is the time for new life. The Lord is releasing new authority in your life. New authority – power evangelism – with the gift of government is growing in you. You move strongly in the word of knowledge but you are not a prophet.2 That word of knowledge comes for people when they have a real need, because of the compassion in you.

You have been a teacher. You also have a pastor's heart and basic to that is compassion.3 But you are so compassionate that you really wouldn't make that good a pastor! Compassion is there but being an evangelist is the calling. I mean you are too compassionate; sometimes you need to spank people.

Jones: There's a government forming now in the Church and you will be part of it; things that you never thought would change are going to change.

John Paul Jackson (for Judith): I've been raised a Pentecostal, and I seem to remember browsing through a bookstore and seeing books that Francis had written but the interesting thing is that I saw the pen of a writer in your hand (to Judith); it's subject may have to do with revelatory matters, since God has given you a strong revelatory gift – a spirit of prophecy rests on you. This may be the theme of your book: it seemed as if it had something to do with Phillip's daughters (Acts 8) – with prophesying: it had to do with dreams and visions and angels.

Judith: I've been sent a contract to do a book on angels.

Jackson: It's really going to be a good one. The Lord is really going to give you some insights.

It's going to be a great river of information more than just a good seller (that's not important anyway.). It's going to contain information that will be widely spread because God's creating a hunger for it; because of people's hunger, you are in the Lord's timing with this book. That's why I saw you with a pen writing; and I've seen His name on the books.

(for Francis and Judith): Then I saw another interesting thing – in S. America – in Brazil or Chile4 – I saw some coals that were dark, meaning that there wasn't a lot of heat in those coals. Then I saw the wind of the Lord come to those coals and they came on fire again; they blazed. Then I saw the fire leap from there to S. Africa. The same thing: dead coals; the wind blew, the fire leapt and blazed again–only greater than before.5

Then I saw an interesting thing because I didn't see any coals in it. I felt it was because you didn't have great power there before.6 I saw you in China and Russia and Eastern Bloc countries allied with Russia. The Lord spoke to me and said, "I am giving this man greater power than he has ever seen before, because I am going to introduce him to another level of my Spirit that he has never walked in before."

I think this ties in with what Bob Jones was saying about power evangelism – the miraculous . There will even be occasions when the Lord will grant you that the dead will be raised for his purposes. Because he wants to use you to provoke jealousy in the denomination you belong to. He is going to use you to stir men's hearts to the quick again.

Then I saw men and your name was on a list, and they just crossed you off – along with some others on the list – but your name will never be crossed off the list again.

(To Francis and Judith) This deeper level of the Spirit is going to be with you. The book on angels is going to introduce you to a realm of angelic intervention. When that happens greater power exists and I have great faith when I see angels. It stirs my faith and I have an instant quantum leap of faith. I believe that you are going to have similar experiences, both of you. You will have times of discouragement but God is going to use this angelic dimension to greatly encourage you in a way that you could never have stirred up within yourselves. This book is definitely ordained of the Lord.

Bob Jones (to Judith): There's a work that's to be done in you now; it's time to go to work.

Depression is your worst enemy; your gifting is real but you are not stepping out strongly in it because depression comes. Let that wound from the past – what you believe are failures – be totally healed. You are going to be in the middle of this power evangelism. You've got this compassion, too,just like him; you both really flow in that but persecution shut it off in you.

Feel the wind come? Now, these winds are angels. There's been an angel on both sides of you, ever since I laid hands on you.

You have a real gift of revelation (prophecy). Your husband is weak in this, so that you can stand by his side so he doesn't get into pride. If he had it all he might get proud, but he has to go to you and that will keep him humble for life. That's why He's put you together; you complement one another beautifully. What you don't have he does and what he doesn't have, you do.

Here comes the wind again. You are just a normal Christian who sees angels, feels their presence and lets them speak to you. The clearer you get a word, the more accountable you are, and the more you are going to be attacked, to hinder you from accomplishing what God has told you to do.

I see revelation and the word of knowledge in you, and the guidance of the angel in both of you, ready to release both of you. Feel the wind on that?

There are miracle–working angels, and you have traveled with them. You've traveled with the angel that has authority – I've seen authority in you. (I've seen times when a healing angel comes and every person I've prayed for got healed.) We need permission to use His power. We've got that power in us but we can't use it without his permission. You two are being prepared and emptied out.

Be willing to take a chance on his grace. I mean a prophet starts as a baby prophet and will really mess up at times. If he keeps messing up he grows; if he stops messing, he dies. (Here Bob Jones shared about times in his life where he made mistakes and the Lord showed him that he was like a baby in diapers, but that the Lord gives us an insurance policy that covers all accidents.)

I see that wonderful things are going to happen in St. Augustine (Florida); something is going to be birthed there in August.

I see the hammer of God falling on this nation after Oct. 1. We won't escape those earthquakes anymore. We won't escape economic failure anymore either. The Scripture He gave me is Amos 6:1, "Woe to you who are at ease in Zion." He told me, "Pride is believing that you've got God figured out. You've got him so figured out that you know He's for you and He's not for that other man. That's pride."

Jackson: Or you know how He's going to work and you try to make Him work that way. Then He decides not to do that.

Jones: The one thing he has told me is that He is looking for brokenness. We are to be broken vessels. That's what's happening in both of you – a brokenness towards Christ in your heart. The heart is like a container; the wineskin of the heart, the container, must be broken in order to let Christ out.

Well, there it is. What do you think? The part about being recognized again by those who had written us off seems to be coming true, especially this month; just three months after the London meeting.

Francis & Judith
Rachel & David

1I think that this has already started with Joy Lamb and our intercessors.
2This is certainly true in the area of seeing visions, etc. But friends would say that there is
prophetic dimension to our preaching.
3In evaluating our gifts Bob Jones is using the five–fold division of Eph. 4: 11 where Paul says that some are called to be: 1) apostles, 2) prophets, 3) evangelists, 4) pastors, and 5) teachers.
4I have never been to Brazil but I did visit Chile, Peru and Bolivia several times in the early 70's. Our team at that time also visited a number of other Latin American countries, and had a lasting impact.
5I was one of a number of speakers at the first large ecumenical, multi–racial, charismatic conference in S. Africa in Johannisburg in the mid–80's. (I would imagine that my influence in S. Africa at that point was relatively minor.)
6That's true: I have never been in China (except for a stop–over in Hong Kong) nor in Russia. (/ have preached in Taiwan and took part in a small seminar for doctors in Poland.).

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. November 1990 Issue