Healing Line

Healing Line

From the Desk of Francis

by Francis MacNutt
February 1993

Here are three wonderful testimonies that just came to us this week. The first is from England, the other two happened here in the United States.

From England:
"Somehow life will never be quite the same again. E. woke up on Monday morning to find her arm completely healed and was asked to write up about it for their Parish magazine. D. too, found he no longer had the urge to smoke as soon as he got out of bed and has cut his smoking by nearly half." S.B.

From North Carolina:
"For months I have intended to write to tell you how my life has 'turned around' since receiving the Holy Spirit at your early May conference in Jacksonville. As you prayed in tongues and Judith spoke prayerfully in English, she touched me and instantaneously my head was bathed in a cloud of light. It was as if my physical body disappeared. Of course, I woke up on the floor, never aware of my body falling or a "catcher" gently lowering my form. I began weeping very hard, for about 25 minutes and eventually became aware that I was in someone's loving arms. Many were praying for me, including my son S. It was the most profound experience of my almost 64 years! For the next two weeks, especially, I was totally "unwound" — so completely relaxed, but more importantly, so totally joyful and peaceful — truly the peace that passeth understanding. As I have been a diagnosed "manic–depressive" ( or bi–polar disorder in recent years) for 23 years, with 10 years of acute and sometimes suicidal depression before then, the release from the extreme agitation and restlessness has given me a quality of life never enjoyed for over 30 years. My symptoms became unbearable in March and April ('92) with excruciating headaches, as well. I cancelled a trip to England last summer because my loss of concentration would not enable me to plan the trip. Since 1960, I have had the benefits of excellent psychiatric care including over 125 electric shock treatments, psychotherapy, in–patient residence at a hospital in T.K. for 4 1/2 years, plus 6 years of intensive psychotherapy (4x weekly). This week I saw someone I have not seen for 3 years. She said to me, "you look so much younger that I almost did not recognize you." I feel the love and healing of God through the Holy Spirit." With love in Jesus Christ, A.F.

From Florida:
"The healing prayer touched the core of my being. I'd like to share what I experienced. Within the last two years I became aware that I was rejected from the time my Mom realized she was pregnant. As I was resting in the Spirit I was present with Jesus at the time of my conception. I saw the fertilized egg nestle in my mothers womb and Jesus rejoiced. When my Mom realized she was pregnant, Jesus told her she had to reject Him if she didn't want me. She couldn't do it. What a time of great grace and healing for me." Gratefully, S.G.

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. February 1993 Issue