Healing Line

Healing Line

Ask Judith

by Judith MacNutt
June 1993

Dear Judith,

Q: What is meant by the shattered will? How does this impact recovery from addictions or development of healthy self–discipline?

A: Traumatic childhood events have a shattering effect on the will. Once the will has been damaged by sin the individual no longer has the strength or courage to lead a disciplined, healthy Christ–centered life. How often have you heard the expression, "She's lost the will to live?' Or the other side of the coin, "If you 'will' something to happen it will happen!" Many popular teachings emphasize "my ability" to make something happen... to do it in my own strength.

This is necessary of course, in daily tasks, but what happens when the larger moral issues of my life are out of control, weakened by sin or trauma? What if I keep falling into the same old pits... adultery, promiscuity, addictions, greed, abuse, etc.

When you can't stop yourself from making self–destructive choices, the will has been weakened or shattered. Only God's power through the work of the Holy Spirit, can heal our memories, forgive the sin, and restore the shattered will.

Q: Besides repentance, is there something I should do to remove a curse on myself (wish I were dead)?

A: Curses have varying degrees of power. Those directed at you by covens, witch–doctors, Satanic groups are much more serious than simple curses spoken unconsciously from pain or depression. However, a curse is a curse and requires the power of God to break it, freeing you from the evil effects of it. Any curse carries darkness or evil into your spirit.

This evil may personally be experienced in any number of ways. Most commonly, you may feel as though you are living under a dark cloud. The extreme manifestation of a curse will affect an entire family for several generations, working its evil intentions until it is broken by God. Repentance is necessary if the curse was spoken by you against yourself, or someone else, maybe even at God; repentance followed by the prayer of authority in the name of Jesus Christ — prayed by you or some other Christian friend or minister.

Repentance is not necessary if a coven or Satanic group has directed a curse at you or your family. A minister or priest, or someone who understands and accepts the authority of Jesus will need to pray to break the curse. It is necessary to break curses in both the physical and the spiritual realm. In addition, I always pray for the love and healing power of God to fill the person receiving the prayer. The good news is chat many emotional and physical healings take place when curses are broken through Jesus!

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Judith MacNutt Judith MacNutt is author, teacher, conference speaker and co–founder of CHM. June 1993 Issue