Healing Line

Healing Line

Angels: God's Gift To Us

by Judith MacNutt
September 1994

I want to share this story with you in anticipation of our upcoming conference on The Ministry of Angels; Messengers from God, to be held December 2–3 at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Jacksonville, Florida. (See page 6.) Angels have received a great deal of press and interest lately, some positive and some not quite in line with sound biblical teaching and church tradition. We are offering this conference to provide what we hope will be encouraging information about God's heavenly messengers and protectors, and we hope to offer some guidelines on discerning error from truth in the barrage of angel mania flooding popular culture.

Several years ago my husband, Francis, and I were leading a conference on healing prayer in a local church. The day had been filled with teaching and lively discussion. Everyone was excited about the healing service that would take place soon in the sanctuary. Many of the congregation had told us about their pain, either physical or emotional, and were ready to receive God's healing touch.

During the healing service, a young mother came forward followed closely by her six–year–old son holding tightly to the folds of her skirt. Tearfully she told us of her deep heartbreak because she had been recently divorced from her husband of ten years. The way she carried her body clearly showed her despair and loneliness. Her deepest concern, however, had to do with her young son, Timmy.

Since the divorce Timmy had withdrawn more and more, showing signs of depression. He missed his daddy terribly and felt somehow he was to blame for the break–up of the family. A mother's heart had brought her broken son to the Lord for healing.

Unlike most six–year–old boys, Timmy's face was etched with sadness, his eyes deeply sorrowful. As we laid hands on Timmy, he began to cry softly.

As we continued to pray quietly with Timmy, I opened my eyes and looked up. Suddenly, I became aware of an angelic being sitting on a wooden rafter high above the Cross! The angel was surrounded by a brilliant white light, his garment shining — unlike anything I had ever seen before. His countenance was joyful, yet concerned. He was looking directly at us while we prayed over Timmy. I had the distinct impression that he, too, was praying for Timmy.

After we finished the prayer Timmy returned to sit down with his mother. I would occasionally glance at Timmy as the service continued. I noticed he, too, was looking in the direction where the angel was still seated.

Excusing myself from the healing line, I slipped into the seat beside Timmy. I asked him if he would mind sharing with me what had captured his attention. By this time he was staring at the angel, his eyes full of wonder!

He hesitated for a moment, then slowly said that he saw a "large man sitting on a rafter." He gave me a quizzical look as if to say, "Do you believe me?"

I smiled and assured him that he was really seeing an angel of the Lord.

When I asked him to describe the angel, he gave me an exact description of his hair, clothing, smile and size. I asked him if he was bigger than my husband, who is 6'4", and he said, "Much bigger." I told Timmy he was greatly blessed to see this angel. A broad smile covered his little face and excitement raced through his voice as he said, "I believe God wants me to know He has sent this angel to always take care of me, since my Daddy can't be around anymore."

Judith MacNutt Judith MacNutt is author, teacher, conference speaker and co–founder of CHM. September 1994 Issue