Healing Line

Healing Line

Preparation for Ministry

by Judith MacNutt
April 1995

Sometime during my childhood I realized that my life would take a different direction from the lives of my parents and friends. I remember having long talks with God about this. As my life unfolded, it was anything but normal extensive traveling, much learning–incredible people along the way. A preparation, each stage guided by an unseen hand, it was a divine plan for something wonderful.

I made many heart–breaking mistakes along the way, but I was always set right again and was gently nudged to continue — seeking, gathering, preparing. Then my time in Jerusalem — I've called this stage of my life a "graduate course in the Holy Spirit," accelerated learning in healing, deliverance, obedience and discipline. I was blessed with many wonderful teachers, Bob and Margaret Lindsey, Jan Willem VanDeurhoven, Wes Brown, Jamie Buckingham and Francis MacNutt among others.

When it came time to leave Israel, a dear friend of mine Floride Amiel, a seventy–five year old missionary who had lived in Israel for 40 years, called me to her home. She had been praying for me when God gave her a vision of what was to come. She said the ministry and life God had prepared for me was too wonderful for words; it went beyond anything I could ever imagine. She said that she was not at liberty to share it with me, but that I should continue in my preparation. She would only say that thousands would be touched by God through this ministry. Her face was radiant as she spoke of what she saw.

I must admit I was overwhelmed by what she said, and thought that it was her love for me speaking, not the Lord. Four years later I sent Floride an invitation to our wedding, hoping she could come from Israel to celebrate with us as she was like a mother to me. She couldn't come for the wedding, but she wrote how happy she was for us and sent her blessings. At the end of the letter she wrote four words, "Now it has begun!" Reading that I remembered the vision she had received and her words, "a ministry too wonderful for words." She had guarded this vision in her heart and protected it with powerful intercessory prayers for four years! Suddenly, a veil was lifted from my eyes and I could see that all of my preparation had been for this. Not only would Francis and I be joining our hearts and our lives, we would be joining in the work of God's heart — His healing ministry.

Thousands upon thousands have been touched by this ministry and God continues to heal and to transform lives everyday. We just celebrated our fifteenth anniversary. Fifteen years of living in a glorious celebration of life and love: two incredible children, faithful friends and colleagues near and far, loving, loyal supporters of this ministry committed to the restoration of His healing ministry to His church. Numerous books and tapes have been released that reach around the world. There have been so many blessings. Floride was right!

This month we joyfully celebrate Francis' seventieth birthday and his remarkable life. Francis has been in the ordained ministry since 1956. At a Camp Far Out conference in 1967, he received the release of the Holy Spirit and began his work in the healing ministry soon afterwards. Since then, he has led a life of humble, dynamic service to the church and to God's suffering children. Through his teachings, the ministry of healing has been restored in numerous denominations world–wide. When Agnes Sandford prayed over Francis in the mid–sixties she said that he would be instrumental in bringing back the healing ministry to the church. Since then, he has authored six books on the subject of healing.

His first book, Healing, remains a classic to this day and has sold over a million copies. His latest book Deliverance from Evil Spirits is due to be released this summer. Francis spends each day doing the things he loves to do: writing, teaching, preaching and praying for the sick. For fifteen years I have been by his side as he has patiently and lovingly spent long hours praying with the sick and those suffering from broken hearts. I continue to marvel at the love and the tenderness he shows to each one who comes for prayer. It is easy for me to see Jesus in this gentle servant of God.

On the home front, he is a wise and loving father — much more patient than Mom! He is truly loved by Rachel and David. He is the kind of dad that will always allow them to see God as their Abba, a tender, merciful, loving presence in their lives. He is my best friend, and a constant source of encouragement, support, and love. I thank God for his birth and his life, a life I have been tremendously privileged to share.

A loyal friend is like a safe shelter; find one, and you have found a treasure. Nothing else is as valuable; there is no way of putting a price on it. A loyal friend is like a medicine that keeps you in good health.

Sirach 6:14–16

Judith, Rachel and David

Judith MacNutt Judith MacNutt is author, teacher, conference speaker and co–founder of CHM. April 1995 Issue