Healing Line

Healing Line

Food For Today... Growth For Tomorrow

by Francis MacNutt
July 1995

Dear Friends:
The summer months are great months for our traveling ministry, but financially they are lean. You have been such a faithful, generous contributors to the needs of Christian Healing Ministries, please consider making a special donation for the summer months.

We believe that if we do God's work faithfully, he will take care of us; it's like the manna in the desert, there will always be food for today. So we simply want to make our needs known to you, knowing that if you are meant to help us, God will put that desire in your heart.

As far as the ministry itself goes, our situation is very exciting. There are many wonderful signs of growth. The have increased in scope. A few years ago the majority of our invitations came from individual churches, but now the invitations are on a much larger scale. New opportunities this summer include speaking at the Roman Catholic Charismatic Leadership Conference at Steubenville University (June 16 – 18), the International Lutheran Charismatic Conference in Minneapolis (August 7 – 11 ), the large ecumenical conference on the Holy Spirit in Orlando (July 26 – 30), and CBN in Virginia Beach (August 24 – 27). In November we go to England to give two conferences with John Wimber.

These are great opportunities, but most of them do not offer large speakers' stipends. Our speaking fees do not begin to cover CHM's expenses, in fact these fees contribute only about 10% of the budget. Another 20% comes from our bookstore and renting CHM's facilities to small churches, and 70% of our budget, by far the lion's share, comes from contributions from friends like you — many of whom are expressing their gratitude to our Lord for healings they have received.

As you know, the donations we receive go to help people — not to build large buildings or to pay large salaries. Instead our funds go to support the staff we need to help the numbers of people who phone for help or who come here for prayer (about 3,000 last year). To me the greatest resource we have is our caring loyal staff and group of volunteers. The unity and love of our staff are, in my mind (and Judith's), extraordinary, and the people who come here for ministry notice it immediately.

All that can hold us back is the lack of resources we need to meet the demands for teaching and prayer for all God's hurting people who come to us every day.

Won't you help?

Francis MacNutt

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. July 1995 Issue