Healing Line

Healing Line

Francis' Celebrates His 70th Birthday

by Joy Abney
July 1995

Francis received hundreds of cards and letters from you his friends and supporters. A party was held in his honor at the home of CHM Board member Joan Haskell. Betty Heindel, Francis secretary made him a beautiful cake to commemorate the event. The cake was decorated with birds and pictures of Francis over the years.

CHM and the guests at the party surprised Francis and Judith with the gift of a bird–watching trip to Costa Rica, something Francis has always wanted to do. Many of your generous gifts to CHM in honor of Francis' birthday helped make this trip possible. Thank you for the love you have for Francis and the ministry.

Dear friends,

Judith was planning on writing an article on "burn–out," but we have had such a hectic schedule that she has decided to follow the advice she was going to give us about leading a balanced life by simply admitting that she isn't able to write her usual article. Now, she will see if she feels no guilt about it (a second test)!

This gives me a chance to thank so many of you who sent letters and cards to celebrate my 70th birthday. They were so moving that I would like to write every one of you to thank you — especially so many of you whom I hadn't seen for many years. Truly I was overwhelmed by the caring and love shown in all the beautiful cards you sents. In place of my writing to each one of you personally, I ask that you accept my thanks here in this letter.

Also we would like you to know that our dear friend, Dr. bob Lindsey ( a member of our Nat'l Advisory Board), Judith's pastor during the three years she spent as a missionary in Jerusalem, has just died. We will greatly miss him and offer our sympathy to his wife, Margaret.

Francis and Judith

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. July 1995 Issue