Healing Line

Healing Line

From the Mailbox

July 1995

We used Sword of the Spirit in our chapel service, we are Methodists. We have never felt the power of God so strongly. What a blessing it has been for us.

Thank you.

I am a member of "Catholics in Action." We have been praying for families, government leaders, church leaders, and all needs of each other. I have passed the book around and need more! What miracles are happening.

You know at the meeting last week, we had quite a diverse group of denominations in our "Women Aglow" group, and all were touched by your book. There were Catholics, lots of Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodist, Baptist and Charismatics. Your book has overwhelmed us all.

I am a victim of severe childhood sexual abuse, and as a result have suffered most of my life with MPD with very little results from counseling. I wrote you and asked for prayer, and you sent me a copy of Sword of the Spirit. After a few weeks of praying the Deliverance scriptures and prayer, my personalities are beginning to merge, and I feel better than I have in years. Your book has meant life to me.

I had called and asked for prayer for my three–year–old nephew. His finger was completely severed in a bicycle chain. The doctors sewed it back on, then shortly thereafter the finger turned black and dropped off. Then a brand new finger grew! What a miracle. Praise God and thank you.

Praise God for your prayers. We called about the baby who had a hole in his heart, was deaf and that the doctors had diagnosed as having aids. Now the baby is completely healed! I cannot tell you how grateful we are for all your prayers.

Last April my sister was not expected to live. In May they said she would never drive or speak properly. All of this reversed in October. Now she no longer drinks, no longer smokes, her marriage is in complete restoration, and she is well. Praise our dear Lord and thanks to your prayer warriors.

July 1995 Issue