Healing Line

Healing Line

The First Time I Experienced Generational Healing

by Robert Fallin
Spring 2000

As a young adult I decided to follow Christ. I was taught that Jesus provides the basis for the forgiveness of my sins and that was all I really needed from God. I failed to recognize that God desires to heal my emotional wounds and physical ailments. I was blinded to that for many years. Still later, I found out about generational healing — how God gently asks us to bring the darkness of our family's past into the healing light of His presence.

After my own conversion, I prayed for my brother. Each time I would try to talk to him about God, a wall would separate us and he would get defensive and angry. I didn't know how to pray for him.

Then in 1992, through a teaching at CHM, I discovered how to pray to break generational patterns and bring healing to a family. So I started praying this kind of prayer for my brother.

Less than two weeks after beginning to pray like this, I received a phone call from him telling me he had just become a Christian. I nearly dropped the receiver on the floor! I was stunned.

Through this experience, I learned just how powerful generational healing can be. Some might call this answer to prayer a coincidence, but I believe it took me 25 years to learn how to pray effectively for my family. When we learn to pray like this, the power of the Holy Spirit is released to work in lives. Isn't there someone in your family who needs this kind of prayer?

Spring 2000 Issue