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Spring 2001

Cancer Disappears summarized by Francis MacNutt

Seventeen years ago our dear friend, the Rev. Tommy Tyson, had his prostate removed when the doctors discovered cancer there. After the prostate is removed, the PSA count (this is the blood marker that indicates the danger of cancer) is supposed to go down to near zero. And for Tommy it did.

But then when we saw Tommy at last July's Fishnet Conference in Vermont, he told us the bad news that his PSA count had shot up to 1100 (anything over 10 indicates danger). Clearly the cancer had spread, and they discovered it in the lymph system in Tommy's pelvis. Too late for chemotherapy, they simply gave him an injection of hormones to boost his immune system and slow up the cancer's growth.

Well, we desire that Tommy stay with us for a few more years (he is now 78). so we gathered to pray. The first time we prayed, Tommy felt intense heat in the pelvic area. The second day he felt a refreshing coolness in the same area. He preached during the conference with as much life and enthusiasm as ever. (If you have ever heard Tommy, you know this is saying something!) And he felt healed.

Says Tommy, "On Thursday, October 5, 2000, I went back to Duke University for the second injection. Of course, they did the lab tests, including another PSA. There was such a sweet sense of the The Presence of the Lord through all of this. I knew and know that He is in charge of it all and does all things well. I excitedly awaited the lab report. Can you imagine the joyous gratitude when the nurse announced that the PSA count was 4.4? All Praise and Honor and Glory be unto Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank Him for working through the natural and spiritual realms and for the faithful response of His servants on my behalf. I am trusting that the next PSA count will be a Big O."

And guess what it was? A one! So, with Tommy's family and friends, we rejoice and thank the Lord!

Dear CHM Intercessors:

Two years ago, my mother broke her back and could not walk. She went from doctor to doctor, and all told her she would never walk. But God can do what mere men cannot. Today she walks short distances with the use of a walker. She gets in and out of a car with little trouble. She goes out to eat and goes to the movies. The goodness of God overwhelms me. I am very thankful for all of the prayers and encouragement we received from your prayer team.

Thank you,
Jan in Nashville

The Following is a most unusual testimony received from the Toronto Airport Church where Francis and Judith spoke in November of 2000, along with Rev. Mike Evans and Dr. Grant Mullen. This story is so comforting and encourages us to believe ever more deeply in the all–encompassing love of God, embracing our lives, both past and present.

"A few months ago, my sister and I attended the healing conference at the Toronto Airport Church. After one of his talks, Francis MacNutt said he felt as if the Holy Spirit was encouraging him to sing a prayer for healing in tongues.

It was really beautiful. While he was singing it, I did not realize that my sister was singing it along with him, word for word (my daughter was watching her). After he finished, my sister was just beside herself, crying, and obviously God was doing something.

To give you a little background, my dad sexually abused us four girls when we were young; three of us don't remember too much, but the eldest does. Anyway, this prayer he sang brought my eldest sister back to the memory of when she was sitting in the bathtub (she was about 10) after our daddy had abused her. This recollection also brought back all the emotions she felt. She says that she remembers how she used to sing that same song that Francis was singing. When she heard Bro. MacNutt explain it was a prayer from the Holy Spirit, she was totally in awe because she thought she had made it up when she was a kid, just to make herself feel better. Now she knows it was a prayer straight from the Lord.

Isn't that awesome? That was 43 years ago when she sang the same prayer in tongues (but she didn't even know she was singing in tongues). This is especially amazing since we were not raised, needless to say, in a godly home. God is so awesome isn't He?"

Spring 2001 Issue