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Healing Line

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Mar/Apr 2002

My lymphoma is gone after 16 years!

Praise God,

Imagine being told that your 20–year–old son has received severe neck and head injuries. The prognosis is bad; in fact, the medical doctors recommend that you take him off life support and consider donating his organs.

On September 7, 200 I, this was the message told to Brian Brantner's parents. God surrounded the family with prayer.

Praise God! Thanks to many of you for your prayers. Now Brian is responding to questions with hand signals; he can see, hear, touch and feel. He knows who people are, can give kisses, throw a ball and is recovering quite well. We look forward to hearing him testify to the greatness of our Lord!

Bookstore Assistant,

God healed so much in my life in the [three] days I was there .... I went to CHM with very selfish motives — Lord, please heal me! I was only thinking of myself and my needs, Very quickly I realized God had more in mind than me — imagine that! God truly is an awesome God and a loving and caring Father! In the first morning, my prayer ministers led me to baptism in the Holy Spirit and I received the gift of my prayer language — what an experience! Especially for me with a completely non–charismatic Southern Baptist background. That intimacy through the Holy Spirit has been such a blessing!

God miraculously healed me of my anger and unforgiveness toward my husband — but even greater was the miracle of the Holy Spirit who visited my husband while I was away and started the healing of our relationship before I went home. Praise God! You can't imagine the difference! God is continuing the healing process with and through us and we are spreading the joy and telling of our blessings at every opportunity!

Thank you and your staff for their love, and the outpouring of Jesus through your ministry! I hope to come back in the very near future for training through the SHP (School of Healing Prayer®). I can't thank you enough for everything. I lift you up in love and prayer that the Lord will continue to work through you and through those of us who have been blessed by your ministry.

God bless you,

My wife Debbie and I attended [a) Day of Healing Prayer with wonderful results for both of us and in my ministry. I had been suffering severe side effects of some medication from which I was instantaneously relieved and more importantly I have begun to experience healing in my prayer life for which I have waited 20 years.

God bless you,
Rev. P

The Day of Healing Prayer was truly a blessing! I didn't know much about Generational Healing and as a matter of fact really didn't think any problems or curses were handed down to me or my children. I thought my physical and emotional problems — anger, guilt, bronchial asthma, etc. were just mine and that was it. I found out differently and it was quite an eye opener.

I received a healing during that time .... I had a beautiful vision that took away my feelings of guilt, and the asthma I was experiencing left me also.

In His love,

Mar/Apr 2002 Issue