Healing Line

Healing Line

A Message from Our Chairman

by Rutledge Coleman, D MD
Mar/Apr 2002

Beginning in 1991, I had the privilege of learning about the healing ministry of Jesus through the teachings of Francis and Judith MacNutt. My family and I resided in Charleston, SC during this time, where I worked as a periodontist for many years. I had been a Christian since childhood, but, at that time, I usually kept my faith and practice separate. Then, I unexpectedly discovered the power of prayer through my own healing ( a painful toothache experience no less). Once I had found that Jesus continues to heal today, I can no longer imagine ever separating prayer from medicine.

At first, after discovering the power of prayer, I simply began to pray for all my patients at the beginning of each day before they came into my office. I was too uncomfortable to pray out loud with them, so, I simply prayed for them silently. At times I would stretch my faith by placing my hand on them and praying quietly. But I always did this in secret, never openly. The reality of prayer soon became evident, however, when my patients began to heal at a faster rate, and needed less medication than before I had begun praying! Their rate of recovery was so significant that even the staff noticed it!

Since moving to Jacksonville, and becoming more involved in the healing ministry, I now find it very natural to simply ask my patients if they would like me to pray with them. Rarely does anyone decline the opportunity for prayer! In fact, most patients are relieved to have someone pray with them. Moreover, the effects of incorporating prayer in surgical procedures are really significant. I have found that when I humbly go to the Lord and ask Him for healing and guidance for my patients, my loved ones and myself He is always faithful!

Rutledge Coleman, D MD is the Chairman of the Board, Christian Healing Ministries, Inc. Mar/Apr 2002 Issue