Healing Line

Healing Line

Praise Reports

May/Jun 2002

It is with a grateful, joyous heart that I share this good news with you. Many months ago I asked you to join me in prayer for my son–in–law and the 3000 men and women under his command in Kosovo. Thankfully, I report to you that all 3000 soldiers as well as my son–in–law arrived home safely after 9 months in Kosovo. Not one of them was lost — praise the Lord. Not only did our Lord keep them safe, but he enables them to truly be peacekeepers. They made it possible for children who had not gone to school for years to return to school. An election that was held went smoothly They were also able to comfort the people of Kosovo with the same comfort they received from the Lord. Many of them came to the Lord for the first time. Each and every soldier knew that it was God who was their protector and savior. One became very ill and was expected to die — he recovered fully. One had his foot blown off stepping on a land mine but in the loss of his foot, he saved many other lives and limbs for six to eight other mines were found in the same area.

May God bless you and keep you,

In October, 2001 , I requested prayer for my husband, who at the time was diagnosed with kidney cancer — he is 85 years old... I requested prayer from everyone from Florida to Maine. In January, after much testing, the kidney was removed with very few consequences — the pathology report showed a rare, low grade encapsulated cancer (minimum chance of metastasis).

I thank God for your intercessory prayer ministry and the warriors who prayed for us. we were peaceful, able to make many decisions — the wisdom and discernment were unbelievable. The doctors are amazed at his recovery.

With grateful hearts,
Phil & Edna

Arthritis pain is gone — double vision has stopped.


... since I attended the Intensive Prayer Ministry (IPM). I received much inner healing and release from many different things that kept me stagnant in my spiritual growth. I was finally able to resolve issues I had been working on in psychotherapy for twenty plus years. I am worrying much less, and feel less nervous around people. Formerly, I ate sweets daily, and that craving has been swept away. Some family relationships are being restored as a result of the IPM, and I have a new freedom in other areas of my life as well. At church, I am more able to be a Mary than a Martha — I am able to sit still and listen to the Lord, rather than constantly doing. Most of all, I have a renewed love for Jesus, and I have refreshed my daily quiet time with him. I want to thank CHM and the staff for their hard work in making ministry like the IPM possible.


I have walked with God for many years and even ministered, but I have never believed in my heart that I was loved or worth loving. I have literally hated myself for years! And now I know my heavenly Father loves me! I know it all the time — not just during the high moments.

In all these years, I have never been free of feelings of guilt and condemnation unless I was working as hard as I could: praying, studying, ministering, praising, memorizing — never able to rest (either in my soul or even physically) without feeling that I was failing. I am now free of that terrible bondage — and I am truly resting in my Lord. And in who I am in him and who he is to me and for me and in me! What a wonderful peace! I am loved and I am free!

Thank you forever — for this wonderful ministry of love and healing!

Love in him,

May/Jun 2002 Issue