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Nov/Dec 2002

L. writes: I have attended the "Day of Healing Prayer"for the past three months. I have received profound inner healing and physical healing. I had a Cat Scan showing a Jung tumor. After prayer on July 8, 2002, a repeat Cat Scan showed no cancer. A benign tumor only. I was also delivered from the bondage of 30 years of nicotine addiction. That is a marvelous victory for me.

M. writes: Through God's grace and prayers (especially a Day of Healing Prayer at CHM) I have been delivered from Coronary Heart Disease and two bouts of cancer.

From a lengthy praise report by a nurse who describes healing in her left hand: My fourth finger is quite free and the residual lump in my palm is 2/3 smaller and no longer painful when pressed firmly. So I am praising God for your prayers and his answers.

R. writes: Praises for four years of freedom from Melanoma symptoms.

A friend of A. writes: Thank you for your prayers for A. She had a very serious, large brain tumor at the center of her brain diagnosed in August 2001 . She had surgery the 30th of August and again on the 27th of September with a follow–up radiation procedure called a gamma knife. Since then she has fully recovered, is back to work and doing great. The best part is she is believing and praying regularly. She is a physician and now prays for her patients as well. Praise God.

M. writes: My husband Richard was on heavy medication for mental illness. Through prayer and the healing ministry he is off meds and well.

J. writes: I was healed of my cancer, April 16–18. My energy is restored. Bless each one of you, and I shall always thank God.

N. writes: I was healed, this past summer [in 2001], of Babesiosis.

H. writes: Thanks to the Lord for the bonus blessing — Carol's healing of cancer on her leg.

J., who thanks God for continual healing of her daughter writes: S. is doing very well — works, attends university, and walks several miles every other day, preparing for the M.S. challenge walk.

More Praise!

  • Thanks to the Lord for the bonus blessing — Carol's healing of cancer on her leg. Deliverance and healing of friend who suffered from scars of sexual abuse as a child!
  • My son M. was healed of his sickness.
  • Gradual healing of son, D., who has had psychological problems since age 21. He's getting better.
  • The 1–1/2 pound baby I called for prayer about is well and getting ready to go home.

Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.
(Psalm 30:5b)

Nov/Dec 2002 Issue