Healing Line

Healing Line

Praise Reports

Mar/Apr 2003

Anne writes

" ...I have been feeling the effects of Intercessory Prayer for the R.A. [rheumatoid arthritis]. I want to thank all of you and ask that all keep praying .... You're right! Praising God is so very important.

Anna writes

"Over the past 2 months, you have been praying for my inner healing, generational healing, and other areas for me. As a result of your prayers, I have experienced a life–changing release from depression... Thank you so much. I felt the prayers... in my life tangibly. You have a blessed ministry.

A phone message

"You've prayed for Tammy who has 4th stage melanoma. It's really been miraculous. There's still one tiny tumor that's being checked every 3 months. She's able to work and is doing everything. We're thankful and praising God. Thank you very much."

Another phone message

"Thanksgiving for Donna. Surgery was not needed. X–rays indicated the tumor was gone. Thank you very much.

By email from Finland

"I praise God for answered prayers. You prayed for healing for me and my nephew and we have been seeing God's hands in our lives since then. [My nephew's] hearing and speech are improving by the day. As for me, God is giving me wisdom about my health daily. Something surprised me ... Gum surgery had left an ugly gap between my front upper teeth and gum — a hole. The dental surgeon had said there was nothing that could be done about it. I did not even think of praying about such a thing. It's been a couple of years now. Suddenly, since the time I sent in my prayer request about healing, I noticed my gum grew downwards to meet the tooth so that the ugly gap is filled .... I thought it was a swelling or something, but No, it's not a swelling, it's new gum, like a baby's. Can you believe that? I praise God for this miracle, for I have never seen or heard of gum growing in one place. Our God is an awesome God. He cares how I look and I praise him with all of my heart."

By email

"My sister M., narcotics addict, is being baptized this Sunday. also asked for prayer about finances and we were able to get our new room and retile our kitchen. Praise Jesus .... he supplies all our needs and even our wants. My husband is still not a Christian but he will be.

A note

"My daughter and her husband have each decided not to try to change each other and asked the Lord to heal their marriage. Praise God and His mercy, His love, His grace, His power!"

From Sue

"Thank you for prayers re my cancer . . . . I am cancer–free!"

From Mara

"Since last you prayed, the diagnosis has changed from possible uterine cancer to benign growths. . . . Please pray that this will continue to be verified by God's grace! Many thanks to God and to you for your prayers."

From Winona

"My right knee is healed!"

From Beth and Jim

"A few months ago, I submitted a prayer request for the ability to conceive, since we had gone through infertility. Your prayers were answered within two weeks, and I am now 11 weeks pregnant. Thank you so much for your prayers! What a blessing you are!"

"Bobby recovered from severe motorcycle accident. When pneumonia cleared, broken back had been healed. No surgery necessary!"

From excited caller

re prayer request for Denny, who had been given 8 to 9 weeks to live: "Cancer is almost off one lung and coming off the liver. Was on lymph nodes, liver, and lung, and they had just sent him home. I appreciate your prayers!"

Healing Prayer Level III training, October 29 – November 1

A blest time at CHM! The Holy Spirit was evident in many ways, for which we praised God, gave thanks to Him — and thanked our intercessors, in our hearts, for their faithfulness in offering up prayers for this special time.

More Praise!

  • "Thanksgiving for I st anniversary of my daughter's successful brain tumor surgery."
  • "Thank you, Florence is getting better. ... NOIBC is beginning to receive the necessary monies."
  • "I love and accept myself like never before."
  • "My mother received PTL news 1–8–03. one tumor has not grown and the other disappeared."
  • "After almost a year of intense generational prayers, my daughter is healed of manic depression!"
  • "Better back and liver okay after tests. Praise God! Thanks for your prayers!"
  • "Continued healing!"
  • "My mother Anne's biopsy was totally benign. Thank you for praying."
  • "Barbara — miracle healing of back!"
  • "Healing of vision."
  • "Thanks for healing of Ann's cancer!"
  • "Thanksgiving for healing of Baby B. and healing for his family."
  • "Howard quit smoking one day — cold turkey!"
  • "Got a clean bill of health after cancer surgery!"
  • "Betty for whom I asked prayer several months ago is recovering from her auto–immune disease. Praise God!"
  • "Joe is doing much better with his Parkinson's disease."
  • "My nephew had the brain tumor surgery and I thank you for your prayers. He is using his brain functionally tonight. Thank you and praise God for his generous blessing to my nephew Anthony, and thank you for being you."
  • "You prayed for a friend who was healed from abnormal fears."

Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.
(Psalm 30:8b)

Mar/Apr 2003 Issue