Healing Line

Healing Line

Praise the Lord and Give Thanks

Compiled by Anne Early
Nov/Dec 2003

Heidi Scanlan, who had suffered with Fibromyalgia for ten years, came to CHM last spring, was prayed for, and received healing. Here is what she told us: "I was driving down Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown (D.C.) when I saw a woman on the sidewalk who was walking the way I used to walk, obviously in pain and having a hard time putting one foot in front of the other. I pulled over, asked her how far she was going, and said, 'If you don't mind riding with a stranger, I would be happy to give you a ride.' The woman thanked Heidi, got into the car, and said, 'Yes, I am having a hard time walking. I have something you probably have never heard of, a debilitating disease called fibromyalgia.' Heidi said, 'Oh, I know. I had it for ten years, then I went to Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville and got healed. A friend who went with me received inner healing, and I was healed of my fibromyalgia. Where do you live?' When the woman replied that she lived about an hour's drive from Jacksonville, Heidi said, 'You don't have to live with all that pain any longer. Go to Christian Healing Ministries for prayer. I'm not completely healed; I have to take something for pain once in a while, but whereas I used to have to take four or five pills a day in order to function, now, praise God, I rarely take any medicine.' That meeting, I'm sure, was no coincidence; it was God working." (Heidi is an active young mother of two and the new director of ALPHA in Washington, D.C.)

Tina B. dropped by CHM to inquire about enrolling in the School of Healing Prayer Level® I. She shared her own story of healing: "Several years ago I injured my back. When I was on the way to see a doctor and in extreme pain, my mother asked if I would not like to stop by Christian Healing Ministries for prayer. It was a Monday, the Day of Healing Prayer. I had injured my back on Friday and had been bent over in pain all weekend. I believed in prayer for healing, so I said yes'. I could hardly walk. We stopped, I received prayer, and my back was healed. I did not continue on to the doctor, and the pain did not return. I'm applying to take the school of healing prayer, because I believe that God healed me and now I want to be able to share in this ministry."

Reports from our mail box and, by email, from our prayer line:

An article from Rocky Mountain News. entitled "Cancer: Survival Rates Improving", was received in September. The article noted that ''periodically, there are miracles." According to the attached note, one of those "miracles" is the Tami for whom CHM intercessors have been praying for many months. The writer continued: "She continues to have CAT scans and MR l's to check the one small remaining tumor which has stayed the same or smaller for two years."

"Nine months ago we came under attack. Your prayer team has truly helped.

I renewed our prayer request every two months, so you have gone through all the stages of ridding us from this evil. The severe oppression was lifted immediately, just after you started to pray for us. Since then we have been led perfectly by the Holy Spirit toward the result we received on Friday Our pursuers gave up one by one, and the last one last Friday We want to thank you for helping us. We hope these words encourage you to continue to pray for those who ask .. "

''After having attended your 3–day prayer ministry, I have had much inner healing and am on my way to being fully healed, I believe, of FMS. I ask prayer for reducing the inflammation in my muscles and releasing of pain and water retention."

"Thank you and the CHM intercessory prayer group for prayers for my mother Jennifer. She has been restored to even better health than before, in body and spirit. When she was her very sickest she saw angels surrounding her bed and she felt the presence of God. She knew she was in good hands and was not afraid. I believe this is because of all the prayers sent up for her, and I believe those angels were real. The doctors now believe her to be cancer free — healed of cancer!!! I am so grateful for the scriptural prayer in Joy Lamb's book .... "

"My husband Kenneth underwent five–way bypass surgery at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, and was in Cardiac Intensive Care for three weeks. Doctors did not think he would make it. He was on oxygen 24 hours a day when he went there. Although he was much improved, his stamina and endurance were most limited. He could walk for only eight minutes on the treadmill without being out of breath even with lots of heart medication. He underwent a bi–ventricular pacemaker implementation process on April 1st of this year. He is now walking 40 minutes and is more like himself than he has been for years. Needless to say, having been given basically a death sentence by local doctors, he is a walking miracle. He gives all the credit to our Lord."

"I just wanted to write you all back and thank you for your prayers. I also wanted to let you know that my migraines are gone, praise the Lord. I had written you in June and asked you to pray, and the Lord took them away It was such a powerful answer to prayer, because I totally couldn't function with those headaches. The Lord just lifted them from me.

Messages left on our telephone prayer line:

"Tremendous praise and thanks for all your prayers that have helped heal a relationship with my daughter and myself. It's wonderful — absolutely wonderful!"

"A praise report for Meagan, for whom you have been praying. After three days in a coma, she has come out of it completely and is physically fine."

"Praise the Lord, O my soul ... who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your life with good things ....(Psalm 103:2–4)

(The Praise Reports may have been edited for readability.)

Nov/Dec 2003 Issue