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Healing Line

Healing Line

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Mar/Apr 2004

Testimonies from Emerging Leaders Conference
October 27–31, 2003:

Where to begin? The fellowship, the love that emanated from and through each participant, speaker, volunteer. Truly, God was present in the talks, the prayer ministry, the worship. Best conference I've attended. The time spent at Virginia's was refreshing and healing — a wonderful time of fellowship and bonding. Thank you for all the hard work. Thank you for your "yes."

Thank you for bringing the body of Christ together over denominational lines. That was healing to me to experience. I have been rejected and have rejected others, because of denominational lines. The conference gave me a chance to repent, forgive and experience the body as God intended.

First, this was a wonderful, inspiring, energizing conference. I got a wealth of "how–to" and "why" for information. Thank you. Each talk had many pearls of wisdom from the presenter's knowledge and experience — most valuable.

The best part for me was having the opportunity to receive prayer. As a pastor, it is sometimes not healthy to open your heart to anyone in your own congregation; being able to be ministered to and prayed for has been the "most" delightful experience.

I enjoyed and profited most during this conference from the ministry time. It was refreshing and healing. I came empty and dry. I leave filled with grace and the Spirit.

The best thing about the conference for me was the covering of a variety of subjects: i.e., physical healing, deliverance, inner healing. It gives a comprehensive view that I feel will be most helpful in a person's overall ministry. I liked the basic teaching and the practical how–to!

The best part was the time we spent with the four key speakers as they shared their experiences — they filled up our tool kit for us.

The best part was the healing I received. I had no idea how empty I was. And although I knew most of the information, there were jewels in all the talks.

I came to the conference burdened by a great weight, unable to see a positive future on the horizon, and largely joyless. Upon being prayed for, the weight has been set aside, my view clearer, and my joy restored.

Relieved of gastric disturbances, difficulty in breathing — and more to come, I am sure. Feels like the Lord Jesus reached deep down in my soul, laid a new foundation and installed a fountain of refreshing living water.

All the teachings are very good and needed. It is hard to enumerate the most helpful, since all were helpful to us. (In respo/ise to the question, "Did you experience any healing?) Yes, I feel and know that I am freer and more peaceful and rested.

This conference is the best I have been to in my 25 years of ordained ministry. Informative, life–giving, healing! I appreciate the kindness and graciousness of everyone on your staff. I experienced your love and the love of the other participants. The relaxed atmosphere was good. The songs of praise were wonderful!

The Vineyard Healing Model was the most helpful teaching — excellent, too!! This was a great experience. Not only were the teachings great, but the intimacy (fellowship) was awesome. I really appreciated the openness and honesty of the group. In sharing our foibles, faults, fears and doubts, denominational barriers were non–existent. I feel I've experienced a baptism of Love.

The best part of the conference for me was the stories. I loved the history Francis and Judith represent. I just loved each story and how it tells us what we can expect from God — what He is willing to do. I also loved the multi–denominational backgrounds of all the people here. I loved meeting each person and learning from how God has touched them in many different ways from my own experiences. The information was really rich.

This time was like a time apart with Jesus — suspended time. Everything I heard became part of me, and I feel like Jesus will use it all in my own personal ministry.

I just wanted to say that I so much appreciated the times of prayer by teams of CHM. It was such!! blessing to me. Try to even enlarge this. We are so thankful that the Lord led us here. It is so great. We are so excited. We needed this. You are doing it right.

The personal feedback given by the people as they left the conference was superb. People left feeling so excited. (From Susan Stanford–Rue.)

Mar/Apr 2004 Issue