Healing Line

Healing Line

Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

by Joy Lamb
Jul/Aug 2004

A Prayer for Anyone Interested in Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for your great gift of salvation! Lord Jesus, you promised us another gift, the gift of the Holy Spirit. So I ask you, Lord Jesus, to baptize me in and with the Holy Spirit, just as you baptized your disciples on the day of Pentecost.

I want to be a disciple of yours, Lord, filled with the Holy Spirit just as your disciples were. I will try to do what you tell me to do. I forgive all those who have ever caused me pain, harm, rejection, or shame, and I ask you to forgive them. I also ask that you forgive me for holding any judgments against them. Breathe on me your Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer. I will lift up my hands unto the Lord worshiping you and praising you with all my heart in the Spirit giving thanks, praise and glory to you forever. In the name of Jesus Christ.

(Taken from The Sword of the Spirit — the Word of God by Joy Lamb. Ordering information on page 13.)

Jul/Aug 2004 Issue