Healing Line

Healing Line

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See what He has done ...
May/Jun 2004

When Baby Isabella was born, her lungs did not make the change necessary for going from the womb to breathing air. She was unable to breathe and swallow simultaneously. The doctors said she could die of starvation if the lungs did not adjust quickly. Eddie, a CHM prayer minister and friend of Isabella's grandfather, called for prayer. Marian Malone, our Intercessor who has birthed thousands of babies, was called immediately and knew exactly what needed to happen. She prayed, and others joined her in prayer within a few days. Isabella was able to nurse in time to be rescued from starvation. Having warned the family that it was "touch and go" and little Isabella "might not make it," the doctors were amazed and thankful. Praise God for another miracle saving one of His newest creations!

From Virginia: "Elizabeth, in her late 30's, was near death with liver failure and very obese when I gave her name to CHM for intercessory prayer. What happened was so remarkable — a miracle. When I gave her name, she was terribly obese; the doctors had given up on her. She has gone from being extremely obese (100 pounds of fluid having been drawn from her body) to wearing a size 2 or 4. Secondly, she has been given a clean bill of health. She had come so close to death the doctors had thought it was the end for her. Now, she is functioning beautifully. Elizabeth is a wonderful violinist and precious in her walk of faith. We're praising God. It's so wonderful, really remarkable, how our Lord has healed her."

From Sharon: "I want to thank you for all your prayers for my intentions back in November, especially for my friend Mike who had oral cancer. Although he went through quite an ordeal, he presently is cancer free."

There was much joy in our staff lounge, April 16th, when Susan (CHM staff member) announced that Windy, her niece, had "come to Jesus." Praise God! Windy was also filled with the Holy Spirit a few days later.

From Hugh: "You have been praying for me to overcome depression. God has been filling — with himself and his love the big hole I had in the middle of me that the doctors called depression and I have learned to recognize as hardness of heart, from which I have repented. Now I am free and happy and full of joy in His presence. Thank you for your prayers and for continuing to pray."

A woman called from Miami a few weeks ago. She was distressed because her husband was not speaking to her, and for ten years he had not been inside a church. Last week she called again to say: "I'm calling to thank you very much. We had not spoken for about two months, and when we went to do the income tax, the accountant was a Christian. He invited my husband to his church. We went, and my husband was touched by the Lord – cried like a baby. I see him in a peaceful, calm place. I thank your intercessors very much. God bless you."

From "the little family with the little boy with migraines": "It's finally gone. He [Bennett] woke up this morning, walked in the kitchen and said, 'Mom, the headache's gone'." 9–year–old Bennett had suffered for five months. He was brought to CHM for prayer, and his name was added to your prayer sheets. A happy "postscript" to his healing: The same morning his headache disappeared, Bennett was scheduled to give testimony on a large radio station in the midlands of South Carolina about his experience at Children's Hospital. His mother said he would testify to his healing through prayer.

From Unnamed Individuals by Mail or Email

"The most amazing thing ... I sent in a prayer request for a young man who has been using drugs, cigarettes and alcohol since he was 9 years old. (He now is 24.) There has been miracle upon miracle. Today he has been free of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes for 10 days. His entire life has changed — sleep habits, trying to eat healthily, and actively seeking holiness. His eyes are alive with light, his personality is vibrant, he has a wonderful sense of humor, he communes with God continuously, he calls himself "free".

"Friends of mine suffered a miscarriage very late in their first pregnancy (January of 2001). Since later that spring, they had been trying to conceive but to no avail. In August of 2003, when I visited CHM, I added their names to the prayer list for conception. This Saturday, April 3, 2004, I'm going to their baby shower. The baby is due in May. Praise God. If you check out the calculations, they conceived within days/weeks of the date their names were added to CHM's prayer list."

"God has lifted depression from Nancy. Praise God! God is good!"

"Larry and family moving from a cult farm. Thank you!"

"One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus' feet and thanked him A and he was a Samaritan" (Luke 17:15)

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