Healing Line

Healing Line

Praise the Lord and Give Thanks

Compiled by Anne Early
Nov/Dec 2004

From our mail:

From Daniel, who attended the Emerging Leaders in Healing Conference, September 20–24

"That week was truly filled with the breath of the Holy Spirit. I was continually aware of His presence and His joy. Although I did not realize it at the time, the mountain top experience was when Francis MacNutt prayed for me to receive the gift of knowledge and discernment. I never had dreamed that such a gift was even possible." Daniel continued, sharing a number of experiences in which God had blessed him with the gift of knowledge and discernment when praying with people, and concluded by saying: "The week I spent at your Christian Healing Ministries [the Emerging Leaders in Healing Conference] was the most wonderful and spiritually rewarding of my entire life. I thank God for your wonderful programs about healing."

From Leah

"It is not easy to express how many inside parts of me have been touched through the ministry of CHM, since I first heard Francis and Judith in the 1980's, in Oregon. At the Emerging Leaders in Healing Conference in May of this year, I felt like something deep inside was stirred that led me to several 'fixed places': I re–heard a call to the healing ministry, I found a clarifying of my spirituality when Francis spoke of the four main streams of Christianity, and I observed a kind and humble practice of praying for people. I am a physical therapist and a counselor by profession(s), and have found it so encouraging and exciting to meet other health care professionals at the Emerging Leaders Conference and at the School of Healing Prayer. I bless you in the Name of Jesus for giving flesh to His heart and mind."

To Francis and Judith MacNutt from Bernadette

"It was a year ago last March that I found CHM and stopped for prayer. You prayed over me and for my sciatica. I will never forget your prayer, which started out in English, then suddenly turned into tongues. I think I can truthfully and sincerely say that when God heals, the healing is permanent."

"I praise God for a true intimacy with Jesus

Which came about after the Friday and Saturday prayer time at the healing Conference in Vail, Colorado, October 2003. I thank God for your faithfulness and your ministry."

From Larry

"As a participant of your 3–Day Intensive Prayer last year, I have been healed of emotional bondage that I had carried for 50 years. Praise the Lord."

From Lynn

"Through Francis' and Judith's ministry at The Falls Church Episcopal in Virginia, December 6, 2002, the Lord entered my heart and helped me forgive someone for wrongs I truly had thought I would carry to my grave. I was not, then, a Christian. The Lord's grace of that weekend and all that followed transformed my life — to the core. I now am a charismatic Christian in love with the Lord. May God bless, enliven, enrich, and sustain your ministry."

"I am praising God for his beautiful healing

I received while attending the August 9th Day of Healing Prayer. Recently I had lost half my hair as a result of Hashimoto Hypothyroidism. I am 49 years old. The inner healing I received that afternoon went way back to my life as a very young child; the tears that flowed were those of a tiny child. Within two weeks all my hair had returned. I am so thankful to my Lord who loves me so very much."

From Marla

"Last month, when I attended the Eucharistic Service at CHM, I put the names of my son and daughter–in–law on your Intercessors' prayer sheet for conception. They had been trying to conceive for at least four years. Well, my daughter–in–law is pregnant. Thank you for your prayers."

From Alison's aunt

"Two years ago my then 39 year old niece, Alison, was diagnosed with a rare angiosarcoma affecting her lungs and liver and for which there is no known treatment. The prognosis gave her only 5 to 8 years. I asked CHM's prayer warriors to pray for Alison's health and healing. In the spring of 2004, Alison suffered a retinal hemorrhage in her right eye. Again, I asked the prayer warriors for prayers to restore Alison's vision. Slowly her vision has been completely restored, praise God. Her checkup in late August included an MRI of the brain and the usual scans of lungs, abdomen and pelvis. Praise God for very good news. There are no lesions in her brain, thank God. Her pelvis and abdomen remain negative, and the lesions of her lungs and liver are unchanged — no increase in size or number. We are so grateful for the restored vision and that there has been no advancement of her lesions in two years. What a gracious and merciful God we have. Thank you for your prayers."

From our email and phone calls:

From Bart, who had requested prayers for 17 year old Jackie, suffering from MDS syndrome

"Thank you, already, for your prayers. Jackie is having a miraculous recovery."

From Lesley

"Thank you for praying for my deliverance. Within a month of adding my name to your prayer list, I received a dramatic deliverance from a spirit of infirmity and fear of sickness. I also was delivered from a spirit of divination that had passed down through my family. I cannot tell you what relief I have felt since the Lord delivered me from those unclean things. All I could say the next day was: 'Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.' My health has improved since my deliverance."

From Aimee

"Thank you. I so very much appreciate your prayers. Please tell the intercessory prayer team that I have had some pretty wonderful close encounters with the Lord for the past two days. I know He is doing a deep work in my heart. I actually can feel him moving and healing in my innermost being. It's wonderful. God bless you and your ministry."

From Hank

I have reached a place of stability that I have not known in six years of recovery from Bipolar Disorder. Thank you for your prayers."

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.
(Psalm 31:24)

(The Praise Reports may have been edited for readability.)

Nov/Dec 2004 Issue