Healing Line

Healing Line

In Thanksgiving

by Francis MacNutt
Jan/Feb 2005

A most amazing thing emerged from our last Emerging Leaders Conference (September 20–24, 2004)! Several of those who attended were so fired up that they volunteered to come back to Jacksonville and fix up and improve CHM’s facility. During the conference they had visited CHM and noticed that its exterior was worse for the wear, so fourteen of them got together to volunteer to do something about the situation. As a result seven weeks later these generous workers came from five different cities in four different states to spend time at CHM painting the exterior of the chapel and Dearing Hall, bought a new refrigerator for the kitchen and donated some of the finances to do all of this — all on their own. They spent a total of five days making all these and other improvements which have dramatically improved the appearance of CHM.

They also had a wonderful time, even while working hard, and they developed such a happy community spirit that they are thinking of coming back to further improve CHM’s little center.

Naturally, we want to thank them and also mention that they would welcome donations to CHM earmarked for further improvements in what they are calling phase 2.

These kind workers and friends included David and Barbara Holmes (Wilmington, DE), Erwin and Carolyn Kranawetter (Newburgh, IN), Stewart and Debbie Hulett (Mt. Pleasant, SC), David Bateman (Charleston, SC), Jeff and Mary Ellen Sampson (Jacksonville, FL), Kathleen, Myka and Joseph Rodgers (Folkston, GA), and Steve and Andrew Yuhas (Mt. Pleasant, SC). Joseph Rodgers at 16 and Andrew Yuhas, 15 years old, were the youngest of them all.

We at CHM want to thank these Emerging Leaders for all they did, as well as, the other Emerging Leaders' who couldn't be here but donated funds to this project. Have a blessed New Year.

— Francis

What they accomplished:

Pressure washed the signs, sidewalks, etc.; stripped, primed and painted the front and side of the exterior of the chapel and training building; fixed a tin roof over the picnic area damaged by the hurricanes; replaced 5 light fixtures outside and two inside; cleaned and painted the cabinets in the training area’s kitchen and replaced the knobs on them and bought a new refrigerator; and even pulled some weeds.

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. Jan/Feb 2005 Issue