Healing Line

Healing Line

Praise the Lord and Give Thanks

Compiled by Anne Early
Mar/Apr 2005

From the Women’s Conference at the Vineyard Church in Columbus, Ohio:

“I attended Judith’s conference in Ohio and received major healing. Thank you.”

“Praise the Lord. This was the most powerful conference I’ve ever been blessed to attend. God has blessed me with healing from my childhood (incest) and assured me that it is so. I have been freed! I also received physical healing at a conference workshop I attended.”

“What a great conference – truly a blessing. After forgiving someone who had sinned against me, I was touched very personally by God’s healing. I left the conference with a feeling of wholeness in Christ.”

“This was absolutely wonderful. God revealed so much to me and I received so much inner healing. I cannot describe it in words, but I weep now as I write. I praise God.”

“This was a life changing conference.”

“This has been the most liberating conference I have ever attended – anointed, timely, right on target with every issue that affects women.”

From September Emerging Leaders in Healing Conference:

“I had an infection when attending the September Emerging Leaders Conference in Jacksonville. For about a year I had had problems with yeast infections – a seemingly endless cycle of recurrences, increasingly worsening. One day while at the conference I received prayer for healing. By the time I left the conference, the infection was totally gone. During the four months that have followed, not a single recurrence! I have been completely free of infections. My life will never be the same; not only because of physical healing but because of the spiritual growth that took place in my life, my husband’s, and in the prayer team members from our church. We still talk about the changes that happened in us that week.”

"I was at the ‘Emerging Leaders’ seminar in September of this year. I am the Episcopal priest who talked about feeling tingling in my hands as, I believe, God poured the Spirit into me for healing prayer. I said I intended to go home to Pennsylvania and try to build up my parish by making healing a part of our proclamation.

One of my parishioners had an acute respiratory crisis a week ago yesterday. He was taken by ambulance to a nearby VA Hospital [an hour drive away] where they put him into the ICU on a respirator. They had to drug him to prevent his fighting and removing the breathing tube. I felt prompted to go and pray with him, which I did that same afternoon. I went again the next morning. He was unresponsive, breathing by the machine. I went back on Tuesday and found him off the machine, but still unresponsive. The nurse said he had received no sedation for twenty four hours.

During all three visits I asked God what to pray for, but felt no clear answer, just a vague sense that I should anoint, lay hands on, and pray for him as I usually do. I did that. Then I held my hands over his head and chest and prayed, mostly in tongues. After three or four minutes I felt that same sense of tingling in my hands. After a few more minutes it seemed like time to stop. I sat with him praying quietly in tongues for maybe ten minutes each time. Then I blessed him and went home.

Yesterday, one week after his admission, I returned to the hospital. His wife had told me during the interim there had been no change. My heart was heavy as I contemplated conducting this man’s funeral. I walked into his ICU room and there he was, sitting up, eyes open, eating a Popsicle! When I entered, he spoke to me, “Hi.” Thanks be to God, he was back!

He has a long way to go still. He had trouble coordinating his movements and his wife had to help with the Popsicle, but he was definitely working at eating it. With his eyes he followed the conversation in the room, but did not try to speak again until I left after my visit and another anointing and prayer. Then, as I was packing up the oil, preparing to leave, he spoke again. “Thank you,” is what he said.

I truly thought this man was dying. But God had other plans. I believe the combination of medical care blessed and helped through healing prayer brought this man back from death’s door.

Thank you, Francis and Judith, and everyone else who helped at the seminar, for the encouragement and teaching you gave me."

A student of the School of Healing Prayer® III last June:

“I received prayer for healing of relationships between myself and my sisters, and for our reunion in Arizona. The reunion was more than I could have dreamed. God planned each of the 14 days for us. We experienced physical, emotional and spiritual healing on all levels. Praise God, I now have two sisters for the first time in my life. Thank you for your prayers. We serve an awesome God.”

From our mail:

“In Patty’s words, she had tried everything to quit smoking. I could list them all. When you prayed for her, beginning mid–November, she said it was like she had never smoked. Now, in mid–January, she still is not smoking. Praise God.”

“Please know your materials are making a huge impact in our lives. Thank God.”

“The prayers of healing and the teachings of CHM saved my life.”

“9–year–old Nicole has been healed of cancer. Praise the Lord.”

(The Praise Reports have been edited for readability.)

Mar/Apr 2005 Issue