Healing Line

Healing Line

Praise the Lord and Give Thanks

Compiled by Anne Early
May/Jun 2005

From the Emerging Leaders in Healing Conference, Jacksonville, April 4 – 8:

I’m planning to include some of these teachings as I train Wycliffe members, hoping they will return to the countries where they work and share these teachings with others. So, thanks for the scholarship!

At the Tuesday evening prayer time for baptizing in the Holy Spirit, I was praying for a difficult emotional problem and actually received physical healing. I had experienced back pain for about a month. As I prayed, my spine snapped into place. Inner healing also has started.

A generational curse was lifted. I have had tension (stress knots) in both shoulders for my entire adult life. After I rested in the Spirit, they were completely gone.

My right hip was healed from an injury sustained during an accident.

The prayer team helped me to sense more direction from the Lord in a situation at home requiring healing.

I was set free from fear and finally received a prayer language!

I experienced great improvement in attitude, growing much closer to God and much more motivated and confident to move on in this ministry.

The prayer times were especially meaningful to me. I experienced significant inner healing.

The work God has done in me is sealed. The unforgiveness that lived in me is gone, and I go forth in the Joy of the Lord. I have received tools, knowledge and power to resist and banish evil.

I received healing from shame and an in–pouring of God’s healing light. Thank God!

The teachings have given a foundation for jump starting a large ministry.

I will incorporate physical healing and do more deliverance healing in my ministry.

I experienced freedom from guilt, fear, anxiety, and shame, and will be a better vessel that the Holy Spirit can use to help people.

I experienced great healing in the area of sexual temptation and unforgiveness, and inner healing for the trauma of abuse in my life.

I experienced inner healing from childhood wounds, seeing God in a more loving way.

I experienced generational healing of trauma from my family’s past, and freedom from occult bondage.

Some sinful strongholds were broken.

I received inner peace and answers to the direction I should take.

From our mail and email:

I am reading Francis’ book, The Power to Heal. As when reading his other books, not only am I “taught to greater heights” but I occasionally get a good laugh.

All glory to God for a wonderful day of healing prayer in February. My skin is healing, and my husband is seeking help to overcome his alcohol/drug addiction.

God has been with us, and has led me to Francis MacNutt’s books on healing and deliverance.

My sister gave me a copy of Healing by Francis MacNutt, in July, when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. It helped me immensely and inspired me to attend healing services. In December, I learned the cancer was gone and that my bones had substantially healed. Praise God!

You have been praying for Pat, a young man with brain cancer who, last August, was given six months to live. Yesterday, his body scan showed no cancer and the brain scan showed the two tumors significantly reduced. His doctors asked, “What are you doing?”

Our friend and minister came back after visiting you, and shared with us some of the healing she had experienced while at CHM. We have been so blessed by her testimony, and how God and Jesus Christ have worked to heal her.

I came to CHM in March for intensive prayer. God surely met me there! He set me free from many things keeping me “stuck.” He also graciously enabled me to forgive some people who are important in my life.

I often remember the peace and love I received at CHM. God bless you all.

(The Praise Reports have been edited for readability.)

May/Jun 2005 Issue