Healing Line

Healing Line

Praise the Lord and Give Thanks

Compiled by Anne Early
Jul/Aug 2005

From May Emerging Leaders Conference at The Falls Church in Virginia:

The Rev. Gloria Webb of Chesapeake, Virginia, gave her testimony: “I came to the Christian Healing Conference pregnant with expectation for a physical manifestation that the Lord has healed me 100 percent from rheumatoid arthritis. After I received prayer and laying–on of hands, I did not have to take the usual 800 mg. of ibuprofen to get me through the day, but reduced the dosage to 200 mg. The pain in my wrists disappeared totally. I was able to walk about a half mile to and from my hotel room. I also was able to lift my arms and wave my hands and dance my heart out before the Lord during worship. I came to the conference limping and left leaping! To God be the glory for the great things He has done.”

From Patrick, a medical doctor: “For at least five years I lived with a painful right knee. Doctors examined it from several approaches, and identified bone spurs on the inside of the kneecap as well as worn cartilage and a widened, arthritic socket. I had pain whenever I stood still, because my knee would lock. Any attempt to move the joint was met with extreme pain. Squatting was impossible and general walking was painful and required my limping to minimize the pain. During the evening session of May 2nd, with Mike Evans guiding volunteer teams, I was prayed over. My knee felt hot and a nerve that was pinched came alive. I now can stand and walk without pain or limping. I believe I have received healing of my knee.”

From Sally: “I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower spine more than a year ago. Related symptoms, including numbness of the leg, continually impeded my life. My doctor referred me to a neurologist, who did extensive testing and from whom I was to learn the final results, Wednesday, May 4th, while still attending the conference. Tuesday, May 3rd, I received soaking prayer. Rather than ask for prayer for my back, I asked for prayer for a perceived obstruction with regard to my writing. I described it as ‘a black tar pit with tentacles.’ I felt released from whatever that was, and I was delighted. Very much at ease, I slept well Tuesday night. Wednesday, when the neurologist examined me, he said he was ‘very puzzled’ — there was no arthritis; my spine was in better shape than most 68–year–olds. Yes, the lumbar showed slight wear and there was a hint of a single bone spur, but no cause for trouble. The neurologist is very curious about ‘what happened’; I’m not.”

Other comments and testimonies:

“The worship through music was holy, high and lifted up.”

“It was the holiest week of my 67 years!”

“I believe I was delivered from evil spirits that had had a hold on me for a long time. I stepped more into becoming a new creation. I feel like I have been transformed by God’s love.”

“I have been set free from significant, inappropriate weights in my life and clinical practice. I haven’t felt this light for years.”

“I always knew God loved me, but after having been baptized in the Holy Spirit I have felt completely surrounded by His love. Never before have I felt so much love in a sanctuary.”

“I was baptized as a baby, and always thought I had been ‘saved’; but May 3, 2005, I was truly baptized in the Holy Spirit as a 58–year–old child of God. This has been a ‘life changing’ experience. I will have to control myself so that I don’t go home and try to stop local traffic to shout the word of God!”

“My friend Nancy prayed for me while sitting in our row, laying hands on my knees. (I had been diagnosed with torn meniscus in both knees.) Both of us felt the heat and I experienced definite improvement. My knees had bothered me for almost 30 years. This was a huge encouragement to both of us.”

“I came expecting healing. I’m leaving with physical healing of neck, back and hip pain, and with inner healing for two areas of need.”

“Having suffered an incident of sexual abuse when I was a child, I had tried without success to heal both the memory and my image of God. During prayer with the prayer ministers, both were healed, leaving me with an adoring image of Jesus that removed the pain of the memory and let me feel His amazing love.”

“While being prayed over I saw a vision of myself at the foot of the Cross with the person who had abused me – both of us equal there, both of us sinners who, by the grace of God, had been saved. It was powerful.”

“I am experiencing great relief from neck and shoulder pain caused by a disc problem. This morning, contrary to my usual awakening with pain, I woke up with very little pain and a lot more activity in my arms and shoulders.”

“For 12 years I struggled with and ‘lost my life’ to a condition called tic douloureaux or trigeminal neuralgia. During the last five years, I was completely incapacitated. The pain in my face was like an electrocuting lightning bolt, causing a horrifically torturing shot of pain every time I moved my mouth for chewing, swallowing or speaking, and even when blinking the eyes. Here at the conference I was in deep grief. I was delivered Thursday night, May 5th, at the healing service. I was emptied of the wounds of grief for my loss of life and the loss of my children’s childhood during the last four years. Each small place (and there were many) that had been shut down to protect me in my torture and pain had to be cleaned out and filled back up to use again. I was delivered, received inner healing, and have been filled again with the love of Jesus.”

“I received the peace and felt the real Presence of Jesus with the assurance of forgiveness.”

From the weekend internship program with intensive prayer ministry at CHM in January: “All our lives were changed. Jesus was awesomely present for me the entire weekend. Long–festering issues in my life and walk were brought into the light of Christ and healed.”

From our email:

To Francis MacNutt: “I have read three of your books. Your material has built me up and given me more confidence in my abilities to be a vessel of healing and love for God.”

“I visited you this past April and received deliverance, deep healing, and a renewal in the Holy Spirit.”

“I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed, but the cancer had metastasized in my vertebrae. After intense prayer at CHM, I was totally freed of cancer.

(The Praise Reports have been edited for readability.)

Jul/Aug 2005 Issue