Healing Line

Healing Line

Praise the Lord and Give Thanks

Compiled by Anne Early
Sep/Oct 2005

From Emerging Leaders in Healing Conference, May 2005:

“I was delivered from many harmful things of my childhood lodged deep within me — evil spirits that had had a hold on me for a long time. I have stepped into becoming a new creation, transformed by God’s love, and have been equipped to show others God’s love in a more comprehensive way.”

From Emerging Leaders in Healing Conference, July 2005:

“All the teachings were wonderful. Fantastic!!!”

From Rev. Carola: "I come from a background of many generations of occult practices, with strong influence from my mother. In May of 2004, I attended the Emerging Leaders in Healing conference in Jacksonville. Francis and Judith prayed for deliverance from generational bondage for me. I was set free from this bondage and from the great fear that came with it. My relationship with my mother changed. I felt a deeper love for her and compassion rather than fear. I prayed for her in a new way. When I went to visit her in May of this year, we related differently and had a delightful visit. (During the previous months she had begun to seek Jesus.) On a day when we visited friends, my mother turned to them and made a profession of faith. That same day she fell down a flight of stairs and died. I know the freedom from bondage set my mother free to believe. Praise God!"

From Mark: “My wife and I have been part of a prayer team at our church for more than two years. However, when you told us we would be breaking up into small groups to pray for each other for physical healing, my reaction was one of panic. My impulse was to head for the door. At church, the expectations had been low: people might feel better, but actual physical healing? Very unlikely. At this conference the expectation was exactly opposite, and I was scared — afraid that something would happen. By the grace of God, I overcame my fears, joined two other men, and we prayed. For the first time, I not only had faith in my head but could feel in my gut that God could use me to do a real physical healing that couldn’t be explained by power of suggestion. I felt that He really wanted to do this. The man with whom we prayed was a runner who, because of an ankle injury, had not been able to run for months. We prayed, and all the pain left his ankle. He was stunned and amazed. The next morning he ran three miles! No pain! Thank you, God! He really, really does want to heal us, and I believe he works through people (like even me!) to do it because we also get healed in the doing. Thank you, God!"

From Rev. Ellen, with regard to her experience at Thursday evening prayer time: “As Francis was singing in the Spirit, I heard his song in stanzas: the singing of someone out in the desert, lost and alone, not knowing the way home; then the lost one’s father, weeping and crying for his son to come home, and sending his other son out to find the lost one and bring him back. At the end of the singing, I found myself wailing and crying uncontrollably.

Over the past several months, I had been praying for release from anger that had been passed down through four or five generations. As people near me in that prayer time began praying with me, I experienced deep despair with the terrible sense of having been lost, abandoned. I felt the pain and fear that had been in my mother’s family for generations. The Lord lifted all this from me. The maternal side of my family is German, and the words I had for all this were in German. A friend who speaks like a native German sat next to me. As she prayed for me, I said, ‘Verloren,’ which means ‘lost,’ and she replied, ‘Erfunden,’ which means ‘found.’ I have a wonderful sense that all the old anger has been lifted off me. We are not lost; we are found.”

From our mail and email:

An updated praise report from Rachel: “In October 2001, I contacted your intercessors for prayer for my husband, Kenneth, age 67. Medically speaking, he was expected to die within a year, and as a last resort had been sent to Shands hospital for a heart transplant. The surgery, a 4–way bypass, was long, and he was in cardiac intensive care for three weeks. Prayers continued. In 2003, a pacemaker was implanted. The last test showed his heart functioning 30–35 percent. The doctors continue to be amazed. We have witnessed to many throughout this ordeal. Had he been healed instantaneously, we would not have seen a brilliant doctor change his attitude after hearing again and again my husband’s continual witness in the ensuing years, nor would we have had the opportunity to pray with and witness to those whom God sent. My husband now is mowing grass and tending a small vegetable garden — something he loves but has not been able to do for years. Little did I know, when I first began studying inner healing in the late 1980’s, that your healing ministry whose works I have studied would play such a significant role in our lives. Glory to our wonderful God who delights in amazing us.

From Joan: “When I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer, in July 2004, my sister gave me a copy of Healing by Francis MacNutt. It helped me immensely and led me to attend many healing services. In December, I learned that the cancer was gone and I had been blessed with substantial healing of the bones. Praise God. I have told many people about the book.”

From Lydia: "I brought my daughter to Christian Healing Ministries for Day of Healing Prayer. I want to share what a blessing it was for her, for both inner and physical healing. She has ITP, a blood disorder, and for the last six months has been very dangerously low in her platelet count. Praise God, the count has doubled. That is such a wonderful testimony for my daughter, to see that God really is there and that He is part of her life. We are praising God."

From Chris: “I thank God daily that I was able to be healed and trained at CHM.”

“Praise God for CHM’s inspiration. I’m reading The Nearly Perfect Crime and it’s great! May God richly bless you all.”

“After having received intensive prayer ministry at CHM, I have felt more free and unencumbered than at any time in 15–plus years. I can be a more effective nurse, mother and grandmother.”

Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved,
for you are the one I praise. (Jer. 17:24)

(The Praise Reports have been edited for readability.)

Sep/Oct 2005 Issue