Healing Line

Healing Line

Praise the Lord and Give Thanks

Compiled by Anne Early
Mar/Apr 2006

From clients who received healing through Intensive Prayer Ministry at CHM:

“Praise the Lord; my depression has lifted. The Lord has broken many generational curses. Oh that this could be in all the churches soon. The country needs healing and deliverance.”

“I’m filled with a sense of ‘WOW! What happened?!’ The day I was saved, I thought I had it all; but that was just the beginning. I’m so happy! It has taken me years to get to the point of being ready for CHM; I have been too hurt, too bitter. I have wanted to do everything my way instead of like this, so in line with the Word of God. Why can’t church be like this?”

“When you set foot on these grounds, you know God intends to heal you here. Satan had me bowed down for 15 years and almost destroyed me. After having been so wounded and unable to heal, I have received healing and deliverance.”

“Thank you, Jesus, for IPM — for bringing me into inner healing of childhood abuse/trauma. May the Lord complete his work for his glory.”

From our Emerging Leaders in Healing Conferences:

“The talks were really excellent at the ELH Conference in October. The prayer ministry was wonderful, too. After I went for prayer, I was released from some soul ties I didn’t know I still had with former sexual partners. What joy came to me with the cutting free. Glory to God!”

“Judith’s talks were all good. Francis’ love and gentleness poured out on us, and I was transformed and inspired. We loved Jenny Howard. Her worship led me straight to the throne of God every time! Glory! Her intimacy with God and sureness in worship was beautiful and a refreshment for my soul.”

“I really received a lot of healing through the evening anointing and prayers. The appointment with the prayer ministry was good, too. The Thursday evening with Francis and Judith was extra special. I received a vision while I was resting in the spirit. God showed me that He had transformed my family tree into a beautiful tree with perfect pears hanging on each branch. His light shone behind the tree and it became a glow. What a beautiful sight! Thank you, Francis and Judith, for all you did for us.”

“All of Francis’ and Judith’s talks were wonderful, clear, full of truth.”

“Bless you for your service and worship to our Lord and Savior. This conference has blessed me as I go forth in His name.”

“I am a 53–year–old woman who, from the time of conception, was not wanted by my parents. I experienced trauma, including incest (father), during most of my childhood. God has been with me through it all, but for the last three years I have felt stuck. This week I have experienced deliverance from spirits of shame, trauma, control and defiance. I feel more alive; my face feels new. My sense of oneness with “the little me” is more than a truth in my head. All glory to our God and deep gratitude to you all for faithfully following Him.”

“God has been more present and alive to me during this painful ‘dark night of the soul.’ Praise Him for bringing your ministry to The Falls Church Episcopal in Falls Church, Virginia last May.”

From our Mail and Email:

From David, a college student who felt so blessed by his prayer time at CHM that he wrote a paper for his English class about his experience. David had a tumor in his knee which had been diagnosed as Non–Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer. When we thanked him for sending a copy of his paper, he replied: “Thankfully, I am in remission and feeling great. I am able to run without pain as if nothing had happened. Actually, I am training for a marathon and feeling very strong. Praise the Lord!”

“Last fall, I contacted your prayer ministry for healing prayers for a very painful nerve condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. I had been suffering for over 10 years with very sharp jabs of pain on the right side of my face, spending many days and nights in doctors’ offices and hospitals and taking all kinds of medications, some with strong narcotics. In spite of several medical procedures, nothing had given me lasting relief.

“After your intercessors started praying for me, I was referred to a doctor in neurosurgery who performed an operation on the nerve with excellent results. It has been three weeks since the surgery. I am recovering, and all the pain I had before is gone! All praise to our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I thank them all, and I thank all of you for your healing prayers.”

“In December, I asked CHM’s intercessors to pray for 16–year–old Curtis, who had been hospitalized for three months with an aggressive infection that was eating away at his muscles. Six surgeries had been performed in an effort to save him, but he had lost 75 pounds and appeared to be wasting away. I asked for prayers for a miracle (my request would take a miracle!), that he be able to go home for Christmas. When he did go home for Christmas, two of his doctors said: ‘This was not us. This was work from a higher level.’”

“As I go through the list of prayer requests I’ve sent to CHM over the years, I am reminded of many answered prayers: After nearly dying, my mother has been cancer–free for two years. My father has been free of cancer and complications for one year. My husband and I have a better relationship than at any time in all our 19 years of marriage. The Lord sometimes works silently in the background, sometimes noticeably in the foreground; I have come to appreciate and lean on the fact that He is always with us and working in our favor. Thank you for your ministry. I feel the power of your prayers every day.”

“Two years ago, my friend Barbara received prayer at CHM for healing of lymphoma of the brain and the eye. She is in remission and doing well. Praise Jesus and thank you.”

How good it is to sing praises to our God….
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147:1, 3).

(The Praise Reports have been edited for readability.)

Mar/Apr 2006 Issue