Healing Line

Healing Line

A Christmas Message

by Francis MacNutt
Nov/Dec 2006

For many of us, Christmas has the deepest, most tender feelings of any Christian feast. For me, it brings back childhood memories of walking through a gently falling snow to a small chapel at

midnight to celebrate a quiet service. What peaceful, secure prayers, kneeling in front of the Madonna and babe, surrounded by shepherds and oxen. Afterwards, we went home to a small meal and hot chocolate.

But as I grow older, I realize more and more that it was not only peace and joy that Jesus brought to our world. More than that, it was God making a statement that he stood on the side of the

dispossessed. The Holy Family ended up in a cave (or something like it), because there was no room at the inn. Mary, who was about to give birth, was forced to walk (or ride a donkey) for miles to

another city — forced to do so by a foreign despot who wanted to make a census to further tax the Jewish people.

And then there was the suspicion that she and Joseph experienced in regard to accusations of an illegitimate birth. The only human beings who came were shepherds; the lowest class of riffraff in the culture of that time. Additionally, God did send the angels to celebrate and encourage Mary and Joseph.

In human terms, Jesus’ birth was not only simple, but it also dignified the poorest people that God could have chosen. Thirty years later Jesus told a would–be follower that he (Jesus) had no place to lay his head. So, from beginning to end, God sided with the poor and dispossessed rather than those living in Herod’s palace.

If we can see beneath the surface, this is an even more encouraging Christmas message than I

received as a child. It means that God is with us more deeply than ever, even in our times of trial: when we have few possessions, with no place to lay our heads and have lost our reputations.

Jesus not only knew about these trials but he lived through them with his family, long before he was crucified.

He will be our companion always, no matter what, as long as we stay close to him!

With Christmas peace,
With Judith
And Rachel and David

P.S. Christmas is the time of giving, of course. Since we rely on contributions to keep the healing ministry of CHM thriving in order to pray for the suffering, the sick and the wounded, we do not hesitate to ask that you send a contribution to CHM at this special time of the year!

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. Nov/Dec 2006 Issue