Healing Line

Healing Line

Exciting News

by Francis MacNutt
Jul/Aug 2007

In a month of great news (such as the success of the international Catholic renewal conference that we co–sponsored with the Charismatic Renewal office in Rome), we have another promising new venture to report to you: On May 14 we (CHM) purchased property here in Jacksonville to build a new healing center!

The Vision

We believe that there is a real need in our country for a visible sign of God’s healing presence. There are a few such centers in other countries, such as Lourdes in France. There are also many healing homes that are wonderful signs of faith (in England there are about 70), but these are mostly residential and can therefore only help limited numbers. What we envision is a center where many pilgrims can come and receive healing (in greater depth than they can in a typical healing service). (“If you build it, they will come.”) Even now on our grounds at CHM, visitors tell us that they really feel God’s love and presence. (For example, as I write this article today, cars line our street for the 30 visitors who are here for a day of healing prayer.)

We know, of course, that our lives are limited, and as we travel we find many places which were once famous spiritual beacons, but are no longer in existence (take, for example, Azusa Street). When the founding leader dies, the church or foundation often dies, too. We desire, though, that the vision of CHM will continue on, because the spiritual need it fills (healing the sick and teaching others how best to do it) will last. Our hope is that when visitors come to Jacksonville in coming years, they will say, “Isn’t this the place where people come to be healed?”

The Place

The land we purchased is what we had always hoped to find (we’ve been looking for 11 years): a natural site which is beautiful and conducive to prayer. The land we found is about 60 acres in size with 20 of them build–able. Those other 40 acres are wetlands, including a marsh, bordering on the Trout River, the southern boundary of our property. In the uplands, there lies a natural circle of majestic live oaks that creates a natural grove (a “cathedral” — pictured left) to worship God in nature.

Then, on the northern boundary lies a main road, Dunn Avenue, making it easy of access. Moreover, it is only 10 minutes from the Jacksonville airport, with all the restaurants and motels that our visitors will need.

What We Hope to Build

First of all, we plan on designing a chapel, to hold 400, looking out over the trees and marshlands. An auditorium, also to hold 400, will be designed for teaching. For individual prayer, we plan on building seven cottages (overlooking a small lake), each having four rooms for prayer ministers to help those seeking healing. A short distance away will be our bookstore and offices.

The architecture (and this really excited an experienced architect we talked to) will be specifically designed to make visitors feel as if they have arrived at a “city of refuge.” No soaring columns, no shining marble floors, but, instead, the buildings will be low–lying, Franciscan style. We want to make clear visually that CHM is not a church, because we hope to serve all churches and minister to all Christians (although we adhere to the basic, traditional Christian beliefs). Even the color–schemes will probably be warm earth tones; the architecture will be simple, and also beautiful.

The Future

Now that we have secured the land, we will need to secure the funds to build, and also to increase our staff (we are now bursting at the seams with 15 on staff), as well as to arrange for future maintenance.

As you can see, in many ways, this new center will be unique, and we are not in competition with any other healing ministries or churches. Our desire is to cooperate with them all. Our special contribution will be in being able to spend more time ministering to the sick and in developing in–depth, balanced teaching that will reach across to all the healing professions (such as medicine and counseling), as well as to all churches, so that the healing ministry of Jesus will be restored in all its fullness and glory.

Francis MacNutt Francis MacNutt is a Founding Director and Executive Committee member of CHM. Jul/Aug 2007 Issue