Healing Line

Healing Line

A Transforming Leaders’ Retreat

by Mary Kleist
Jul/Aug 2007

CHM recently co–sponsored a School of Healing Prayer® for Leaders with the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS, the Catholic renewal office in Rome). The special six–day conference was held in downtown Jacksonville from April 30–May 5, with about 500 attending (when you add our staff and prayer ministers). Especially significant was that participants came from 42 countries, so that we provided translation into French, Spanish, and Italian. Nearly 30 priests attended. Barbara Shlemon was added to our team to give a moving talk on Mary and a mother’s blessing. From the beginning with Bishop Galeone’s opening Mass and homily until the end six days later, the conference exceeded all expectations, which were already very high. Here’s what attendees had to say following the conference:

“Excellent! Superb! I didn’t know I had so many burdens and hurts attached to me. The teachings were just what I needed to hear. There’s no other school like this — truly healing.”

“It felt like my wedding day! It was a renewal of sacred vows where through Jesus and the cross all is reconciled unto Him as one. Thank you God — thank you all of you!“

“I have been transformed, renewed and born again this week! I have been healed.”

“I was healed physically. My left lower back lumbar was hurting terribly; after prayers in the training it was completely gone!”

“Praise the Lord because He is good; His love is eternal! He made me to feel what heaven must be like. I received generational and inner healing and now feel like a new person.”

“This conference was everything and more than I could have expected. The teachings and the works of the Spirit will make a difference in my personal, family, and work life.”

“There is only one word to describe this conference and that is TRANSFORMATION!"

“The whole week was a little taste of heaven for me. The teaching was exceptional. The music was uplifting. The prayer ministry was so needed to free us up for our continued ministry.”

“It was inspiring to experience the unity of leaders from so many countries and the strength of leadership from Christian Healing Ministries, ICCRS and the National Service Committee. It gave me hope for the future of the renewal.”

“This conference was a spiritual retreat for me. An oasis that the Lord knew I needed. I received the healing the Lord knew I needed and He has now called me back to the front lines.”

“This conference clearly transformed me and changed my life so my overall evaluation is summed up by one word; Hallelujah!”

“The prayer ministry was gentle, powerful, and quite a blessing. I received some necessary healing from conception to early childhood.”

“I loved everything about it. It was over the top! I learned a lot. I was healed. I loved the people.”

“The teaching was very substantial and the topics were relevant. I actually learned NEW things!”

“My right shoulder has had restricted motion and considerable pain for the past 10 years. During Mike Evan’s talk and when participants laid their hands on me I was completely healed! I can now do pushups with no pain and complete motion has been restored.”

“I have never been one to show emotion in public and I have always carried my religion in my head and not my heart. The spirit worked on me all week and by Friday morning I found myself running around kissing people!”

“Every day I was in awe at the incredible work of the Holy Spirit working through mistakes, inadequacies, language, cultural and denominational barriers to bring much healing, deliverance, joy, and unity to those who were there.”

“I thank God so much for His goodness. He has confirmed to me this week that I am forgiven for my past sins — all of them!”

Jul/Aug 2007 Issue