Healing Line

Healing Line

God’s Surprising Love: A Testimony of Healing

by Cheryl Williams
Jan/Feb 2008

Who was surprised? I was. We ran into many obstacles as we prepared for the two–day soaking prayer event September 24–25. The difficulties seemed insurmountable, but staff and volunteers persevered to set a healing atmosphere for 35 people to come to our campus to receive soaking prayer. When we listened to testimonies at the end of the two days, we were overwhelmed by the way Jesus’ love penetrated so many hurting hearts during this time. In my position as practicum leader at the School of Healing Prayer®, I always remind students that Jesus ALWAYS shows up, but I was still VERY SURPRISED at the way He came to heal His people. Following is one dramatic testimony:

“When I arrived, I was in the depths of hell. I was depressed and struggling everyday to find a reason not to kill myself. Due to Satan’s hold on me, my daughter was also suffering and I had nothing within me to reach out to her. I was so hopeless that it was my priest and my dear friends who sent me here, because I was sure nothing could save me. God had rejected me, just as I deserved.

“I can say now, 'praise be to God,' because I am healed. I am loved, I am God’s child, and I am worth it. Jesus reached out his hand to me and I was able to take it.

“Thank you for loving me through Jesus’ healing — and giving me my life back!”

Cheryl Williams Cheryl Williams is a former CHM staff member. She continues to teach at CHM's schools and is an active prayer minister. Jan/Feb 2008 Issue