Healing Line

Healing Line

Healing is Not Meant for Entertainment

by Mary Kleist
Apr/May 2008

Francis often teaches that some of the deepest healing God does for people is often overlooked, because it is not dramatic enough to captivate an audience. Mary Wittke, one of the attendees of our latest School of Healing Prayer® Level II (February 18–22), testifies to the great freedom God brought to her through healing that, to those on the outside, may not sound captivating:

I do not have a prayer ministry (with others), but work as a hospice chaplain. My hope in coming to Level II (after Emerging Leaders in October) was to begin to learn enough to know whether I could (possibly) begin a ministry in Salt Lake City (conducting training there). I did not get this — I got so much more. I discovered that I need a lot more healing and prayer before the Lord will use me in this area (training).

The healing I received was increased patience…really! Francis said receiving healing like this is not exciting to people on the outside. Oh, but on the inside, it surely is exciting! I pray so often for the face of Jesus to shine through me. I feel as though things that prevented people from seeing Him in me lifted this week. I feel the answer to my prayers for the Fruits of the Spirit to ripen in me has come. I have more joy, too! I’m willing to wait for increase.

How did this happen? Numerous inner vows and word curses I had made on myself were revealed, renounced, and the effects lifted in prayer. The Holy Spirit revealed sexual sin I had committed and led me to break, in prayer, any bonds or soul ties with partners. Though I had done this before, I did it at a deeper level this time — another layer. I am free and the blockages in my marriage and in my relationship with God have lifted, for I confessed those to others and to God and the shame of all this sin is healed, too.

My ability to rest in Him has grown. I have greater peace and freedom from worry. I have given my burdens to the Lord. All the sorrow I have carried for the dying people to whom I minister is loosed. My load is lighter, for His burden is light and His yoke is easy. The concern for their salvation (I minister to so many who don’t seem to know God) is loosed.

God has increased the love in my heart this week, dissipating the sizing up and judging I’ve habitually done. He’s given me a passion to know and feel his love. He’s changed my prayers to prayers for His love to bubble up and overflow. It’s not just words, but a deep longing. From knowing His love, He increases my ability to love others and myself.

Oh, the exciting Fruits of the Spirit! That’s what I got at Level II. That’s what I’ll continue to pray for! Hooray!

Apr/May 2008 Issue