Healing Line

Healing Line

A Healing Place

by Jim Francis
Apr/May 2008

The Capital Campaign Committee has been meeting regularly for over a year developing the funding plan for the new ministry center. The ministry center has become necessary to meet the overwhelming demand by those seeking healing and training to be prayer ministers. Our vision is that the new ministry center will enable us to satisfy this demand more completely and efficiently by holding many more conferences and healing sessions where our ministry team can teach and bring healing to more people in an environment conducive to healing.

revised land

Last year the committee successfully completed the funding for the land with contributions of over $2 million from the Board of Directors. This led to the purchase of over 60 acres of beautiful land fronting on a tributary of the St. Johns River in Northwest Jacksonville. This land was available for a reasonable price because it was not readily developable, since it had a large amount of wetlands and the river is not practically accessible. The land makes for a perfect ministry center because of our desire to leave it mostly undeveloped.

The Capital Campaign Committee engaged Panas, Linzy and Partners to assess the feasibility of raising an additional $23 million to pay for improvements to the land and to provide for an endowment of $5 million for maintenance and operations. The improvements will include an office and bookstore building, a chapel, an auditorium and prayer cottages surrounded by ancient oaks and beautiful natural foliage.

Panas, Linzy has met with several constituents of CHM and there are plans to have meetings with additional constituents to assess the feasibility of the capital campaign. Based on the information gathered so far, the conclusion is that a significant amount of the funding will be available from the persons who have participated in the study already. We hope that upon the completion of the study, which we expect later this year, that the complete campaign will be feasible in a single phase. The alternative to a single phase development will be a multi–phased development which will occur over a few years.

The Committee has also been searching for a development director who will assist the Committee in completing the capital campaign and providing for a more structured development plan than we have employed in the past. We appreciate your continued prayers and support.

Jim Francis is a member of the Board of Directors of Christian Healing Ministries, Inc., as well as the Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee. Apr/May 2008 Issue