Healing Line

Healing Line

The Journal of Christian Healing is Back

by Douglas Schoeninger
Jun/Jul 2008

In 1975, Barbara Shlemon, Sister Jeanne Hill, Fr. Paul Schaaf, and I began the Association of Christian Therapists (ACT) — a group that was intended to bring together people in the healing professions who believed in healing prayer (Fishnet in Rutland, VT, grew out of ACT, under the inspiration of George and Rena Larson). We included physicians, clergy, counselors, and nurses. One of their notable contributions was the Journal of Christian Healing. Because of financial difficulties, publication had to be suspended, but now we are delighted to see that it is coming back and we encourage you to take advantage of reading this journal of healing — a professional, scientific journal!

— Francis

 The Journal of Christian Healing (JCH) is up and running again, this time as an e–journal. It can be read and downloaded on the Association of Christian Therapists (ACT) website. Just log onto www.actheals.org and click on “Journal of Christian Healing” on the left side of the home page and you will be taken to the first two issues, Spring/Summer 07 and Fall/Winter 07.

The Journal is an expression of ACT’s mission to transform healthcare practice with the healing ministry of Jesus. JCH is interdisciplinary, professional and peer reviewed, featuring articles concerned with the physical, psychological/relational and spiritual healthcare disciplines.

The Journal’s Board of Editors includes Francis and Judith MacNutt and Barbara Shlemon–Ryan, James Fitzpatrick, and Russ Parker of the CHM National Advisory Board.

The Editorial staff of JCH welcomes the submission of articles in a variety of styles and types of content, research, theory and theology, case studies, and a variety of healing topics, healing experiences and integrations of healing prayer into professional healthcare practice.

JCH also publishes articles from outstanding presentations at ACT conferences. A paper by Robert Sears, Ph.D., “S.J. on Scripture and Mental Health,” developed from his talk on this subject at the Oct 2007 ACT Conference, is soon to be published. Articles will follow from the ACT 2008 International Conference September 11–15, 2008, Mundelein, IL, Healing the Shattered Soul: Restoring Hope to Those Impacted by Trauma featuring Rev. Nigel Mumford (healing trauma in war veterans), Anna Maria Pou, MD (healing the cultural and environmental trauma of Hurricane Katrina), Julie Woodley (healing from childhood sexual trauma) and H. Norman Wright (critical incident debriefing).

See the ACT website (www.actheals.org) for access to the Journal of Christian Healing and for information about ACT and ACT conferences, or call the ACT office at 703–556–9222.

Douglas Schoeninger is a member of CHM’s National Advisory Board and is the JCH Editor.

Douglas Schoeninger is a member of CHM’s National Advisory Board and is the JCH Editor. Jun/Jul 2008 Issue