Healing Line

Healing Line

Beautiful Island Beautiful People

by Linda Strickland
Aug/Sep 2008

Recently, Judith and I traveled from Florida across the mainland, and then over part of the Pacific Ocean. Our destination: the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii.

I will never forget arriving at the Honolulu airport that evening and being welcomed by the sweet aroma of flowered leis around our necks, and the sight of the beautiful hula–hula (Hawaiian native dance) performed to the rhythmic music of the islands. Though weary from the 14 hour journey, we treasured the moment.

We were in Honolulu to take part in the Hawaiian Island Ministries (HIM) Conference. For several years, Judith has been invited to speak at this 25–year old conference and, at last, her schedule had permitted her to accept.

In the anticipation of this trip, I had fully expected to see, hear and smell beauty: after all, it was Hawaii. What I had not anticipated was the exceptional beauty of the people.

As Judith presented her talks, it became apparent that our audience was more than ready for the teaching she was there to deliver, as they hungrily digested every word like morsels of food on an empty stomach. As the weekend progressed, we were packed to “standing room only” in all of our sessions.

Taylor Smith, a vital member of CHM’s Board of Directors, joined us as a companion and prayer minister. He was an extraordinary blessing, not only to Judith and me, but to the people there, as well. On the first day of the conference, as part of her day–long workshop, Judith asked Taylor and me to share our individual testimonies. It was such a privilege, for both of us, to take part in this way; and, as the day concluded, the three of us joyfully prayed over each person there.

I have always been amazed at the depth of love I feel for those I am praying with, but what I felt for the people of Hawaii was exceptional. As we laid our hands on them, I was overcome with a love that surpassed anything I had experienced before. I heard Jesus say to me, “let me use your arms to wrap my love around these precious children of mine.”

I have a friend who refers to this phenomenon as “the Jesus in me loving the Jesus in you.” It’s true — because you really cannot explain it any other way. This very special kind of love goes way beyond anything our flesh could sense on its own. It is truly supernatural!

We observe this all the time on campus at CHM. We are tremendously blessed to have very special (local and nationwide) volunteer prayer ministers who give their time and talents to this ministry. I have personally witnessed, on many occasions, these dear people take someone who is completely unlovable in the natural and manifest God’s love to them in such a way that their lives are completely transformed.

That is what God’s love does — it transforms lives.

At the end of the last session on the last day of the conference, a gentleman from the very back of the room raised his hand and asked Judith if she had a prophetic word for Honolulu. Without even hesitating she said, “Yes, there will be a healing center here and people will come from all over the islands to meet Jesus and be healed.”

The entire room cheered!

“The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice; let the many islands be glad!”
Psalm 97:1 (NAS)
(emphasis added)

Linda Strickland Linda Strickland is the Associate Director of Ministry and Assistant to Judith MacNutt. Aug/Sep 2008 Issue