Healing Line

Healing Line

A Healing Place

by Thad McNulty
Aug/Sep 2008

The ongoing revival in Lakeland, Florida, has now attracted hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, in addition to millions who have watched it on television. Most people who travel to Lakeland come for one simple reason: they want to be healed! This phenomenon is confirming what those of us in the healing ministry already know: that people everywhere are desperate for healing prayer.

CHM’s new healing center will be a place where anyone can come and receive prayer. It will also be a place for people to receive training about how to pray. We are moving ahead with our plans for the center and there are several exciting developments to report. First, and most significantly, we are finalizing the details to put in place the person who will be in charge of the fundraising campaign. This recently retired man is extremely gifted and has a very impressive background. He and his wife have each taken a number of the healing courses at CHM and it seemed clear to everyone involved in the process that God brought him to CHM for what will be a rewarding partnership for all of us. In addition to spearheading the capital campaign, this person will create the Development Department at CHM and we may be close to hiring the Development Director, as well.

We are also nearly finished with the redesign of the CHM website. You will soon be able to experience a video tour of the new property and I am confident that you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the land. This video should allow you to visualize the look and feel of the healing center. We have been meeting with architects and reviewing potential designs for the prayer chapel. Ideally, this chapel will be simple in style, but elegant, and filled with dignity.

As I mentioned in the last issue of The Healing Line, we believe that this will be a healing center that thousands of people will have an ownership interest in, and one that will impact many, many lives for centuries to come. Be praying about what part you can play in this great project as we move closer and closer to making it a reality.

PICT0032 PICT0042 PICT0035
Pictures taken on the new CHM property, during filming of a capital campaign message from Francis and Judith, which will be available for online viewing.

Linda Strickland Thad McNulty is a member of the Capital Campaign Committee for CHM. Aug/Sep 2008 Issue