Healing Line

Healing Line

A Healing Place

by Jim Francis
Dec 2008

Many years ago God gave Francis and Judith a vision of a healing place. This would be a place where people could come from all over the world to receive healing, be taught the biblical principles of healing and be equipped to bring the gospel of healing to millions of others. Since then, Francis and Judith have traveled through various states and nations teaching and administering healing to thousands.

The reality of this vision is taking place now at a 60 acre site in Jacksonville. The land is ideally set with cathedral oaks, beautiful marsh land, pristine waterfront and abundant wildlife. It is a setting where the presence of the Holy Spirit is apparent in the quiet of the natural setting. The CHM staff and various board members continue to plan for the future use of the land for a conference center with prayer cottages tucked gently between the massive oaks. The theme of the most recent meeting was to maintain the nature and style of the property in the structures and to make as small a footprint as possible so that every visitor feels the majesty and glory of God.

Last month CHM held a conference in Jacksonville where participants from 37 nations gathered for a week long healing sessions under the leadership of Francis and Judith and the CHM staff. The conference was outstanding and all present witnessed God’s healing. Imagine the difference, however, if the conference were held at the new healing center instead of a cold hotel. Also, imagine how many more thousands of people could be healed and taught to bring healing if we were not constrained by scheduling and renting space at hotels.

What can you do? Pray for God to shower down the resources on CHM for completing the new center. Email us to show your interest in the project at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or simply click “DONATE” on the website.

Jim Francis is a member of the Board of Directors of CHM, as well as the Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee. Dec 2008 Issue